A Dream of Spring

when on the heights, a promise warm / sleeps in silence ‘neath the cold

A Lady in the Dragon's Court

To be a lady in the dragon's court / You must be a lady and a dragon both

A Traditional Love Poem

Violets are blue / as the hue of your eyes, / like pieces of Heaven / come down from the skies

at my back I always hear

bound by spheres of glass // as the songbirds sing // they growing ever younger

Billows over Black Forest

Clouds billow behind my house / Tears spill instead of rain


from the bright'ning byres of flaming rebirth / from phoenix fires and death unsung / ring in the day the earth will rue

Fiction Writer Therapy

A flaming torch to manuscript / As lovely as a rose

Five Reasons I Love You

There are five reasons I love you / (And none of them are the ones you want to hear)

Flight of a Wild Mare

You’re riding me hard, and I’m put away wet. / My soul like His cloak is a gamble, a bet.

He is Fire; He is Pain

fire aches beneath his skin / pain has scarred him for his sin

History Lesson on the Night Train

she was old, her lines were tired, but her eyes were bright— / to ask what it is, this marking down of history / like stainless steel tines pressed down into meat

How We Write Poetry

Answer, turn and answer / Then turn the stone again


dead words upon a page / concatenated ink / don't call it litterae

mirror, mirror

mirror, mirror that reflects / in the glass you see your face / mirror, mirror, show my dreams / your body moves with studied grace

Missed You

Missed me? Kiss me. / Oh, we'll be here a while.

Normal written in coffee grounds

The way you leaned over the bar / foaming milk, whipped and creamed / eyes intense, and called me barista

Ode to Disproportionate Spam

To all my friendly spammers, / with such nice words to say, / I don't know why you like that post

Poetry is Spilling Blood

Peeling back the icy skin / We wrap like armor around our hearts

Portrait of the Scribbler

the kind who always has your back / but forgets to cut you slack; / the kind who wishes harder than / she works, but yet still works

Queen of Heaven

The Queen of Heaven should not care / When lost were all the reeling stars / The Queen of Heaven tossed her hair / Retorted, "Don't you know what's ours"

Shards of Heart

Shards of heart make life as glass / Where once it flowed

some mirrors / the dreamer learns

are the blades the reaver reaves of heaven / are the dream the seeking seekers dreaming

The Darkness Cleave

Who from blood can a butterfly make; / Who can heal and make it take?

The Fairy Dance

No hint of storm disturbs / The fairies at their dance

The Perfect Woman

This will not do! For what I am / Is woman, not a female man.

The Un-Study

Knowledge solid, fluid (is) / Unlearning ev'rything.

The Unmaking

Whirled 'round, making and unmaking / Raze, raze heaven 'til it gleams

The Wings in Me

I want to run from this spell you weave, / But I've forgotten how to leave.

watch me dream

and time shall be hereafter / writ in heart our souls' provisions / wound, unwound by dreamers sifting

When the Coffee Does Not Work, Drink More Tea

When the coffee doesn't work, drink more tea. / If you don't drink coffee, then drink more tea.

Where Winter Keeps

Her heart her every tear it shed / Their glitter burned in him instead

With You, Singing (a lullaby)

I'll be close, never say goodbye / Dreaming's sweet, just a pretty lie



The Alliance is a storyworld set in a future-Earth and space colonization setting. Twenty-two star systems are bound together by Kippler’s (a cosmoparticular transdimensional elevator shaft, otherwise known as a wormhole) and the Human Alliance Council.

Science Fiction


The breath of a soul, the vessel of flesh, the cost of power...

Breath is a world in which powers are available to the people through the use of breath, combined with specific elements, depending on the power manifested.



"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." ~ Clarke's Third Law

They crash-landed on an icebound world and forgot the technology that birthed them. Now, they live in a world where magic is sentient—and bought and sold by the pound—and there is only room for magic in the heart of a child.

Science Fiction Fantasy

Kingdoms and Thorn

Humanity is all in the genes.

Special humans and regular humans mingle freely in the kingdoms cities—superheroes and former operatives making normal lives for themselves in the aftermath of a rebellion. But the past has a way of chasing down their future.

Science Fiction


Where dreams become reality...

A world where dreamers can remake the world and mirror themselves across the universe, where reality is reflected in a glass not always remembered, not always controlled.


Miscellaneous Fiction

Odd and end stories drifting about without a world to anchor themselves to.


Seven Days

How would you live if you only had seven days?

Every Tuesday, Wesley Bryn forgets who he is and everything that has gone before. He only has one week to remember, one week at a time.

Fantasy Romance


The hazards are real, the sacrifices steep, the choices irrevocable.

For more than 500 years, home to the gifteds and the plain, the kahtchen and the mãenet, the land of Vardin has been enshrouded in mystery, hidden behind the Barrier to the outside world. All of that is about to change.

Science Fiction Fantasy

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