A Traditional Love Poem

G. A. Thompson

G. A. Thompson is an Alliance character whose creative pursuits include writing romantic fiction and poetry; causing noncombustible, fireproof material to combust, burn, or melt down; and inducing headaches in the Kailin University staff. He is a second-year student in the Materials Testing and Diagnostics vocational program.

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Story Within a Story

A Traditional Love Poem

A Traditional Love Poem

Violets are blue / as the hue of your eyes, / like pieces of Heaven / come down from the skies

Story Within a Story
Alliance Lyric

Roses are red
as the curve of your smile
To be blessed by such beauty
makes mornings worthwhile

Roses are pink
as the glow of your skin
Your radiant beauty
shines from within

Violets are blue
as the hue of your eyes,
like pieces of Heaven
come down from the skies

Violets are soft
as the sound of your voice
More graceful than songbirds
who laugh and rejoice

Sugar is sweet
as the kindness you show
Everyone loves you
wherever you go

Sugar is loved
as you also are too
Stay near to me
and I’ll always love you


Alliance Lyric

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  1. jasmin muslimani says:

    what is the title of this poem?

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