Unfilled Prompts


Where dreams become reality...

A world where dreamers can remake the world and mirror themselves across the universe, where reality is reflected in a glass not always remembered, not always controlled.


Queen of Heaven

1st Era. Ending
124 lines
The Queen of Heaven should not care / When lost were all the reeling stars / The Queen of Heaven tossed her hair / Retorted, "Don't you know what's ours"

Where Winter Keeps

1st Era. Ending
24 lines
Her heart her every tear it shed / Their glitter burned in him instead

The Unmaking

1st Era. Final
16 lines
Whirled 'round, making and unmaking / Raze, raze heaven 'til it gleams

watch me dream

3rd Era. Transition
18 lines
and time shall be hereafter / writ in heart our souls' provisions / wound, unwound by dreamers sifting

mirror, mirror

4th Era. Beginning
40 lines
mirror, mirror that reflects / in the glass you see your face / mirror, mirror, show my dreams / your body moves with studied grace

Ever in Love

5th Era. Diaspora
Flash Fiction Short Story
100 words
Why did she have to look like she belonged there?

Ever’s friend comes down to his shop, perches on his desk, examines the space station parts he sells. He just wishes she came for him.

some mirrors / the dreamer learns

5th Era. Diaspora
18 lines
are the blades the reaver reaves of heaven / are the dream the seeking seekers dreaming

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