A Pairing of Convenience: X-Men Movieverse, 425 words.
Another Way: Selfish Divergent Trilogy, 100 words.
Black Widow and a Cup of Marriage: Avengers Movieverse, 210 words.
Bravery: Selfish Divergent Trilogy, 1110 words.
Girls That Go Bump in the Mind: Sweet Home X-Men Evolution, 1016 words.
Hedge Your Bets: Avengers 919 Avengers Movieverse, 1549 words.
Home for the Holidays: Sweet Home X-Men Evolution, 400 words.
How Many Ways Can You Make Me Bleed?: X-Men Comicverse, 161 words.
Pick a Card, Any Card: X-Men Movieverse, 200 words.
Pick Me Up: X-Men Movieverse, 200 words.
Sugar and Spice: Sweet Home X-Men Evolution, 300 words.
Tears: Selfish Divergent Trilogy, 124 words.
The North and the South: X-Men Movieverse, 463 words.
The Number of Fear: Selfish Divergent Trilogy, 318 words.
The Ones Who Choose: Avengers Movieverse, 393 words.
The Roommate Files: The Domestics X-Men Movieverse, 3 chapters +.

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