Seven Days

You have seven days. Live them.

— Wesley Bryn
Unfilled Prompts

Seven Days Prompt: How Lena finds out why Wesley's always confused. by pygmymuse on 01/16/2013.

Seven Days Prompt: What Wesley reads in his journal shocks him. by pygmymuse on 01/16/2013.

Seven Days

How would you live if you only had seven days?

Every Tuesday, Wesley Bryn forgets who he is and everything that has gone before. He only has one week to remember, one week at a time.

Fantasy Romance

Of Memory and Making

-02 yr. 02 mo.
Flash Fiction Short Story
803 words
What makes a person who they are?

Ashelynn likes her boyfriend’s easygoing nature, so it catches her by surprise when he suddenly isn’t, when the idea that our memories make us who we are nearly drives a rift between them.

Remembering Lena

00 yr. 03 mo.
Flash Fiction Short Story
939 words
Wesley thought he knew why he borrowed the books. He wanted a reason to come back.

Every week for the last three months, Wesley Bryn has showed up at Pretty Things to return a book to the proprietor and borrow another. The reason is as much a mystery to him as to her.

Winter Rose

00 yr. 05 mo.
Flash Fiction Short Story
200 words
She wants a bloom that lives beyond a week.

Every week, Wesley comes to borrow and return a book. Lena wants the rose to live until he comes.

Late Return

00 yr. 06 mo.
Flash Fiction Short Story
100 words
The book was late and he had never missed a week.

Lena isn’t sure what to do when her most regular borrower fails to appear on schedule. Her assistant is pretty sure it’s not the book she’s worried about.

When the Clock Chimes

00 yr. 06 mo.
Flash Fiction Short Story
975 words
Forty-eight hours but it wasn't time to sleep.

It was Wednesday, the day after forgetting day, but Wesley wanted to remember and see if what he thought he saw was real.

Once Upon a Time

Flash Fiction Short Story
434 words
Story is in the mind of the reader.

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, a little boy and a little girl liked to read.


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