Best Friends

Prompt: best friends by in_the_blue. 100 Word Stories

Liana Mir

Liana Mir reads, writes, and wrangles the muses from her mundane home in the Colorado Rockies and, occasionally, from the other side of the Barrier.

Series Listing

02. The Good Heart - Case 27

All Them Bright Stars

03. Elysia - Shel 05

Best Friends

03. Elysia - Shel 05

Since When

04. Kailin University - Shel 16

Poetry is Fire

04. Kailin University - Shel 16


04. Kailin University - Shel 16

Square Root

Story Within a Story

A Traditional Love Poem

Best Friends

An unlikely rescuer and a shy little girl...

Five-year-old Shelley Huntington falls prey to the class bully, but meets an unlikely rescuer with startling results.

03. Elysia - Shel 05
Alliance Science Fiction
Flash Fiction Short Story

“Hey, kiddo.” Brenton, the biggest, meanest kid in second class, stopped in front of five-year-old Shelley, who immediately clutched her lunch bag closer. “I could smell those figs all the way across the lunchroom.”

Brenton reached out, then abruptly reeled backward from a flying fist and Shelley was staring down, surprised, at the bully sprawled on the floor.

“That’s my best friend,” a tall blonde girl from third said beside her, glaring narrowly.

Brenton scrambled away.

Shelley peeked up at this odd rescuer.

“I’m Langley,” the girl introduced herself, then threw an arm around Shelley’s shoulders. “Let’s go eat lunch.”


Alliance Science Fiction

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4 Responses to Best Friends

  1. Kabobbles says:

    I'm not sure I remember reading about Langley before. Did I miss something?

  2. G.J. says:

    Bullies are bullies, no matter where we find them. I like the immediacy of the punch. I probably should have read this one before the other one, but they both make sense now as a paired couplet.

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