How We Write Poetry

Prompt: I am a songbird / Singing out your window / Telling stories in the shade / And I can’t fly away I can’t fly away ~ Katie Herzig's "Songbird" by pygmymuse. Welcome

Jhemet out of Calai

Jhemet was born to the House of Chiena before she came down the mountains of Rothnarak to join her husband's House, Calai. She scribes the stories, traditional poetry, and experiences of herself and her Household.

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How We Write Poetry

Story Within a Story - 517 W

A Letter to Fellow Historical Intern, Whom I Named Huerél

How We Write Poetry

Answer, turn and answer / Then turn the stone again

Story Within a Story - 510
Vardin Science Fiction Fantasy

This is how we write poetry in my land
We look upon a facet, then turn the diamond
We ask, consider, further ask
Answer, turn and answer
Then turn the stone again

For what is poem but beauty
Chiseled and laid over thought?
And what is poem but wisdom
A fire within the jewel?

And why is poem but memory
Given to one who would hear?
Why is poem but searing
That memory into myself?


Vardin Science Fiction Fantasy

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