You have to kill a butterfly to pin it down.

— Miraia "C4" Gravois de Calai

If we are gods, then the gods have religion.

— Vaila Britakeh, Academy Historian
Unfilled Prompts

Vardin Prompt: [Hunt the Mists] I vote for more, please. by in_the_blue on 01/18/2013.

Vardin Prompt: Rulers make bad lovers / You better put your kingdom up for sale ~ "Gold Dust Woman" by Fleetwood Mac by pygmymuse on 01/18/2013.


The hazards are real, the sacrifices steep, the choices irrevocable.

For more than 500 years, home to the gifteds and the plain, the kahtchen and the mãenet, the land of Vardin has been enshrouded in mystery, hidden behind the Barrier to the outside world. All of that is about to change.

Science Fiction Fantasy

Hunt the Mists

409 S
Flash Fiction Short Story
353 words
He wanted to change the way things were.

Bryn wants to guard their own lands and the outsiders who stumble upon them, but he is no hunter and only the hunters wander out into the mists.

Keeping the Balance

409 W
Flash Fiction Short Story
100 words
In Vardin, change is a balance.

Serel shows his son the balance between change and guarding against change.

A Handsbreadth Light

459 S
Flash Fiction Short Story
666 words
Her life was but a handsbreadth compared to his.

The bonds that form between soulmates are inescapable and irrevocable, but Llereya has misgivings when hers appear.

Remembering Stories

461 S
Short Story
1091 words
She remembered the akhlakhai. She did not honor them.

It is Llereya’s birthday, a day for remembering what has gone before, but these are things she remembers alone. She does not like to honor her birthday.


489 S
Flash Fiction Short Story
200 words

Renaiven was known as a harsh man, but almost no one knew why.

Gone Hunting

Short Story
4126 words
John Henry has seen a miracle. Rhiannon is here to silence him.

John Henry saw a healer touch a dying child and the little girl walk away. Rhiannon de Alyón is a Vardin hunter with orders to ensure his silence. She failed to reckon the price she would have to pay to succeed.

That is Something

496 AU
Short Story
1,145 words
We do not choose who we love.

Rhiannon gave up her hunt and accepted the first failure of her life as a guardian—for Tracer, but he might never forgive her for considering choosing another.

Portrait of a Butterfly

509 W
Short Story
3684 words
Casal is already glimmering. She is dangerous.

A hunt gone wrong, a child’s uncontrollable power manifested, and a horror about to be unleashed. A young hunter, Pesheneh, must join her father and his team to rescue the child from capture and her nation’s secrets from being revealed.

To Dance with a Dragon

510 S
Short Story
1,016 words
He preferred the translation, Never assume anything.

Etienne has a few assumptions about this girl, this woman he may one day marry. She doesn’t much mind setting him straight.

Crossing the Barrier

514 W
Short Story
2171 words
It's her mother's last hunt and Casal's last chance to become a hunter herself.

Born in a land hidden and separated from the rest of Europe by the Barrier, Casal is caught between two sides of her heritage. Will she bind herself to the land as a Guardian—or do the dangerous work of the Hunters who cross the Barrier?

The Cloths of Heaven

517 S
Flash Fiction Short Story
983 words
She does not understand beauty. He does not understand Vardin.

Finally. Acceptance in a world Josh wasn’t sure he was ready to accept. He and his friend’s sister share an evening sky in Vardin.

The Way of the Hunt

517 S
Flash Fiction Short Story
364 words
Just when he thought he found some common ground—at last.

Josh Williams is an outsider to Vardin, kidayet, and so he’s glad to find some common ground at last with someone native. Even if it’s not quite the way he thought.

Blood of Dragons

519 S
Short Story
1,392 words
She was still a little girl for all she was a woman.

Akena is the daughter of guardians of Vardin, sworn to protect their people and their lands, and yet, she doubts herself, that she will ever become what she should.

The Caller and the Dragon

Story Within a Story
Flash Fiction Short Story
397 words
She had no light of fire within her, but she was brave.

Why do the guardians battle the dragons? A caller risks all to free her people from that danger.

A Lady in the Dragon's Court

Story Within a Story - 508
30 lines
To be a lady in the dragon's court / You must be a lady and a dragon both

How We Write Poetry

Story Within a Story - 510
13 lines
Answer, turn and answer / Then turn the stone again

A Letter to Fellow Historical Intern, Whom I Named Huerél

Story Within a Story - 517 W
1408 words
Vardin is not the same without you here to taste the rain.

A letter from one Academy Library intern to another, asking for a return to Vardin and an opinion on a proposed law by the new Queen.

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