A Lady in the Dragon's Court

Jhemet out of Calai

Jhemet was born to the House of Chiena before she came down the mountains of Rothnarak to join her husband's House, Calai. She scribes the stories, traditional poetry, and experiences of herself and her Household.

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A Lady in the Dragon's Court

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A Lady in the Dragon's Court

To be a lady in the dragon's court / You must be a lady and a dragon both

Story Within a Story - 508
Vardin Science Fiction Fantasy

My mother taught me
To be a lady in the dragon’s court
You must be a lady and a dragon both
With soft quiet ways and a reserved manner
The dagger to bind your hair—and not the brazen sword

For which is more heroic?
In the eyes of men, to do a deed so great
No one man should have been able to do it
In the eyes of a woman, to do so much
And leave men wonder how it came about

Which is more effective?
The fires burning without and leaving
A way of escape through the smoking walls?
The flames that smolder within and linger
To consume an entire heart

My father taught me
To be a dragon in the court of men
You must be human and dragon both
Able to speak with your mouth and whisper
And swallow the words as tongues of flame

For which is more natural?
In the eyes of men, to love the ones who
Born near you are yours with a full heart
In the eyes of dragons, to burn with heedless fire
For all who are not dragons are not yours

And which is better?
The fires that make our wings and roll upon our skin
Burning ash and soot into claws?
The flames that light our hearts and kiss
Our lovers, our mothers and fathers, our young


Vardin Science Fiction Fantasy

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