Unfilled Prompts


The breath of a soul, the vessel of flesh, the cost of power...

Breath is a world in which powers are available to the people through the use of breath, combined with specific elements, depending on the power manifested.


Of Many Colors

Falhaer - 03. Kingdom
Flash Fiction Short Story
100 words
She was trained to create what she could never have.

Kileshin sewed the finest cloaks for the wealthiest of her people, but could never wear her own creations.

Baker of Souls

Land of the Five Cities - 03. Kingdom
Short Story
1360 words
Everyone in the city knew Senetha. It was good to be a baker.

Senetha, baker of souls, has breathed life into countless newborns. She has never lost a soul—until now.

The Commerce of Hearts

Land of the Five Cities - 04. Rebel Council 02
Flash Fiction Short Story
476 words
Ah, have mercy on us, powers, we who deal in the commerce of hearts.

A young mother, scarred by the need to provide for her children, sells her wounds—again.

A Pretty Word

Land of the Five Cities - 04. Rebel Council 03
Short Story
2472 words
For a little food and comfort, all Jaspen needs to do is betray.

Kindia is a street writer with the power to make the words she writes come true. Jaspen is a watchman with a mandate to haul in any of the powerful for destruction by the rebel council. One cold night, Jaspen’s world collides with the consequences of the powerful and must make a decision that could change everything.

Night Bride

Story Within a Story - Esiran Desert Myth
Flash Fiction Short Story
378 words
Night couldn't possibly want her for a bride, could he?

They say Night seeks a bride, so keep a candle in the window.

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