"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." ~ Clarke's Third Law

They crash-landed on an icebound world and forgot the technology that birthed them. Now, they live in a world where magic is sentient—and bought and sold by the pound—and there is only room for magic in the heart of a child.

Science Fiction Fantasy

Beneath the Icewood Trees

02. Second Era - Fae 19
Short Story
1277 words
What is fae and what is magic?

Eried Black is a son of a privileged house, one granted magic to guard and use and sell. When he sees it used amiss, it angers him, but has he finally gotten in over his head?

A Tale of Fae

02. Second Era - Fae 45
Flash Fiction Short Story
150 words
“Tell us a fairy tale,” the children cried.

The old bard loves to tell stories—of anything but Fae and her beautiful, terrible magic.

Into the Temple of the Sun

02. Second Era - Fae 73
Flash Fiction Short Story
379 words
Nyx was a wrongness that should not be.

Nyx is dying for fear that when she is reborn, she will cease to be… Nyx.

Forest Fruit

03. Third Era
Flash Fiction Short Story
421 words
The trees are crying out for help.

She is a little girl standing at the foot of ancient trees, whispering in the night, Why do you mourn?

Edge of Salvation, Edge of Fear

05. Fifth Era
Flash Fiction Short Story
100 words
What if every thought could write reality?

Markus was afraid to open the books, even if by doing so he could save them.


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