Miscellaneous Fiction

Miscellaneous Fiction

Odd and end stories drifting about without a world to anchor themselves to.


At the Door

Flash Fiction Short Story
523 words
She came to the door at midnight. Come with me.

Alyen lost his child, lost his wife long ago to the wind, and now when Winter calls, he answers.


Flash Fiction Short Story
53 words
It only takes a tiny gesture to give a man hope.

By the Numbers

Flash Fiction Short Story
279 words
How does one rekindle a faded love?

David had been buried in work and statistics so long, he and his wife had forgotten how to communicate. They just need to take that first step…

How Anthony Met the Stars

Flash Fiction Short Story
779 words
What are the stars?

Tiger is a watchcat charged with keeping Anthony safe, but she was the self-contented sort, certain that if she is chaperoning, a visit to the stars is not unacceptable.

Well Doing, Weary

Flash Fiction Short Story
495 words
That moment when faith becomes sight.

All the old preacher wanted was some sign the families in his church might soften their hardened hearts to the Word they claimed to keep.


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