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Wow. And Prompts

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How did I get 106 comments on a single post?

Well, I'm still accepting prompts for 100 word fluffy, sweet, funny, or lighthearted ficlets with the occasional 200 word double-drabble instead. Fanfic or original fic is great.

I've been having a ball and I have more to write. It's practically cathartic.

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Angst, Fluff, and Inferno

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Let's take the third first. Overhauling the story from inferno, aka "Dowse and Bleed," left me feeling drained and exhausted, but it's out to beta and may she not find any more structural issues that need addressing. For that matter, may I not!

On angst: I write a lot of it. I know that. I've been buried it in lately and I feel a desperate need for something light, fluffy, and humorous, so on to point two:

Anyway I need something light and fluffy to clear out some headspace. Anyone want to give me

  1. A character or couple
  2. A random word or object

And I will write you a drabble: 100 words. No more. That'll keep my headspace break from getting out of hand. :grins:

Completed Drabbles

Seven Days

Kingdoms and Thorn

Kingdoms and Thorn/Fire and Water Crossover Fanfic

X-Men Movieverse

X-Men Evoverse

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It's Been a While Since I Did a 365 Challenge Recap

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But en brief, for completed pieces not counting revised version which may be longer and/or better, these are the current figures for the year:

  • 94/365*
  • Original Fiction: 52 pieces, 39390 words
  • Original Poetry: 12 pieces, 504 lines
  • Fanfiction: 11 pieces, 5962 words
  • Total: 75 pieces, 504 lines, and 45,352 words

So I only need to finish another 271 pieces in 133 days, or about 2 pieces per day. No pressure.

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Reflections on the 365 Challenge

This entry is part 45 of 52 in the series 365 Challenge

I have learned so much about myself creatively. I began this challenge without a job, then got one and have still managed to maintain creating every day. Sometimes I work on a challenge piece, sometimes not. Sometimes I finish one or even more; sometimes I do not—but I work.

I have experimented with syllabic and prose/free verse poetry; I have felt the freedom to write original fiction as though it were fanfic. The parameter of perfection fell aside and gave way to the parameters of time and necessity.

I have actively scribbled on ten different projects on a single day. (Heaven, help my productivity!) I have discovered that those who do not reread their own work have it easy compared to those who—literally—write what they want to read and already have read in their mind before they put pen to paper. I have learned that blogging and writing do not always get along and allowed my blogging to languish.

I have stumbled into a world I thought I would leave unwritten. I have grappled with how much should I allow the same characters to resemble each other. (I came up with a workaround, but were I not resigned, I would make Cate and Casaia entirely too much alike.) I have learned to accept the areas of my worlds that I would prefer to skirt. I have learned how to write gift fic that reflects a different tolerance level than mine on stories straight from my heart, that matter to me.

I have learned what my cultures boil down to. In Vardin, a guardian does not need to be right, wrong, or indifferent—only effective. They do not have the luxury of second guessing themselves. They do not have the luxury of failure. In Kingdoms and Thorn, love is sacrifice. They all love someone fiercely. They do not have the luxury of selfishness.

I have learned about my own convictions, where I will bend, where I will break if I write that. I have learned that I will have different readers for different worlds. I have learned the importance of story order.

I have learned why some stories that I love, I will never fangirl. I have learned why some stories I fangirl, I will never write fic for. I have learned how to fangirl my own work.

How has your writing year been? Any deep lessons or reflections thus far?

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365 Challenge: Playing Catchup...

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85/365: A Pairing of Convenience

Rogue has an offer that Gambit’s not so sure he ought to take.

X-Men Movieverse Fanfic
425 words

86/365: When the Coffee Does Not Work, Drink More Tea

When the coffee doesn't work, drink more tea. / If you don't drink coffee, then drink more tea.

Lyric Poem
8 lines

87–88/365: Snow Day

Ashen wondered briefly if perhaps he was no regular-type human as Pieter had professed but if he were instead a naturally gifted with the ability to charm half-asleep girlfriends who did not wish to be awake.

Science Fiction Romance Short Story
1991 words

89/365: Five Reasons I Love You

There are five reasons I love you / (And none of them are the ones you want to hear)

Science Fiction Romance Poem
86 lines

90–91/365: Acceptable Cost

Some things are worth it.

Alaine Shaever is a healer by nature, and she’s studying to become a medic by trade. It’s her first emergency call out in the field. Nobody ever told her it’d be like this.

Science Fiction Short Story
1761 words

92/365: Without a Reason

It’s one thing to not understand Rachelle’s messed up team relationships; it’s another to ask whether she loves a man she’s never even considered loving.

Science Fiction Flash Fiction Short Story
901 words

93–94/365: Its Own Absolution

Shift’s team was brutal. They had to be. Storm’s team was bloody. They were a strike team. They had to be. Storm had a conscience. Shift didn’t. The only thing they all have in common is the will to survive.

Science Fiction Short Story
2208 words

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Newsy Bits...

As promised, I will tell you what happened to my poetry submission: It was rejected. Ah, well. :shrugs: I'm starting to get okay with that. I'm really wanting to publish my own collections, and well... That means keeping a hold of my own work.

I am aware of the visibility that short fiction and poetry credits bring, however, as I've found most of my own favorites that way; but we shall have to see what happens, and I'll keep working.

Speaking of which, updates on the writing front: I'm a writer of many distractions. My stories arrive five at a time—often before the last batch is completed—and I'm continually interrupted by poems. Nevertheless, I have ben actively writing on "Everything is Blood" for lithiumlaughter, which has been like pulling teeth eking out a few words here and there; the Kingdoms and Thorn collection, which will probably be simply called Kingdoms & Thorn; and various snippets as they come; besides poetry in the evenings.

There are several completed 365 Challenge pieces that I haven't taken the time to post yet:

  • "Godling Wild" — Vardin ficlet
  • "A Pairing of Convenience" — X-Men Movieverse fanfic
  • "When the Coffee Doesn't Work, Drink More Tea" — poem
  • "Snow Day" — Kingdoms & Thorn short fiction
  • "Five Reasons I Love You" — Kingdoms & Thorn poem (yes, the infamous one I almost lost; 86 lines at that)
  • "Acceptable Cost" — Kingdoms & Thorn short fiction

It seems that blogging and hectic writing do not always get along. Sorry?

What have you been writing lately?

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365 Challenge: Little Things

This entry is part 43 of 52 in the series 365 Challenge

So I've been scribbling away on the Comment Fic LiveJournal Community, and while they welcome original fiction, I've mostly scribbled fanfic. This is the first original piece I wrote over there. I'll put up the other 2 (make that 3) fanfic pieces later.

Little Things

Canon: Kingdoms and Thorn
Characters: Justus "Defender" Ellison and Rachelle "The Database" Winslow
Pairings: Justus/Rachelle
Prompt: "You look good in my shirt."

This one’s for you, thecatisacritic. :grins:

Justus never expected to see Rachelle wearing his shirt. He also didn’t expect his reaction to seeing it.

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365 Challenge: Fandom CommentFic

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Jubilation Theme Song

Canon: The Roommate Files
Characters: Bobby "Iceman" Drake and St. John "Pyro" Allerdyce
Prompt: please stop singing, you're driving me crazy!
Rating: K

Bobby thought John alone was bad enough. Then came Jubilee…


Pick Me Up

Characters: Rogue and Remy "Gambit" LeBeau
Prompt: there is a(n) [insert noun here] walking down a road

Rogue just wants out of town. But there’s that mutant walking down the road into the hotbed of anti-mutant hostilities after Alcatraz.


Pick a Card, Any Card

Characters: Remy "Gambit" LeBeau and Ororo "Storm" Munroe
Prompt: living 'til the lies become truth

Liar. Thief. Grifter. He knew how to do this, exchange a life in ruins around him for something else he could fit over his skin.

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