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365 pieces of poetry and fiction to prompts. Poetry, songs, colors, favorite lines, etc. I want to write original work, but knowing me, the occasional bit of fandomness will sneak in. This is more exciting to me than I can say for some reason, and I’m hoping you will all help me as I reach out to create an average of one piece a day.

Jubilation Theme Song

Canon: The Roommate Files
Characters: Bobby "Iceman" Drake and St. John "Pyro" Allerdyce
Prompt: please stop singing, you're driving me crazy!
Rating: K

Bobby thought John alone was bad enough. Then came Jubilee…


Pick Me Up

Characters: Rogue and Remy "Gambit" LeBeau
Prompt: there is a(n) [insert noun here] walking down a road

Rogue just wants out of town. But there’s that mutant walking down the road into the hotbed of anti-mutant hostilities after Alcatraz.


Pick a Card, Any Card

Characters: Remy "Gambit" LeBeau and Ororo "Storm" Munroe
Prompt: living 'til the lies become truth

Liar. Thief. Grifter. He knew how to do this, exchange a life in ruins around him for something else he could fit over his skin.

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