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Reader Feedback Request: City of Glass

In the effort to meet my deadlines on City of Glass, I pounded out the middle of chapter one, working off of some previous work that worked pretty well—before I put it in a serial. I distinctly do not care for how chapter one turned out because it seems to have lost all the tension from the prologue and I'm pretty sure it's because I went with the outside POVs and am holding my real main characters at a distance. These are Hayley, Jena, and Shelley, who hasn't even shown up on screen yet because I dumped her remand scene.

Should I power ahead on chapter two or rewrite chapter one? Do you care?

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Three Happinesses and a Request

1. So on a whim, I decided to see if I had any paying sales for "The Alchemist" yet, a short story written under a pen name, and I did! One.

2. Also, reviewed! Four stars for "The Alchemist" at Amazon.

"I was pleasantly surprised by this story..."

3. I found myself on iTunes. I don't use Apple myself, but it felt awesome just seeing it there.

4. I would be grateful for any unbiased reviews of any of the pieces I have available. Barnes and Noble only has "Portrait of a Butterfly." Amazon has everything but "Portrait of a Butterfly." Everything but "The Alchemist" is available for free on the Downloads page.

Will write you a ficlet if you link your review on B&N or Amazon in the comments. Or iTunes, if that's your cuppa.

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