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I have moved

I had a placeholder site maintenance here for a long time because I had intended to do things with this website that I did not end up finishing.

I'm going to open this back up as the legacy site and just point you to everything new.

  1. Notebook: The fiction and poetry archive of Liana Mir and scribblemyname (a work in progress, new work added every week)
  2. Log: My blog
  3. Dreamwidth: My blog minus exchange letters and sometimes plus additional minor or personal posts
  4. My Tumblr: good for fandom stuff
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On Writing and the Scribbler

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series NaNoWriMo 2014

For health reasons, I'm dropping the NanoWrimo deadline for myself, though I still have various Christmas scribblings I intend to do and the book is still on my plate.

Lisea has surprised me. I keep trying to talk her out of where she just went, but she's going there with or without me, so I finally decided to just let her go and hang on for the ride. My girls are talking to me, and that excites me.

Additionally, I've finally gotten my first December fic figured out, if not written quite yet, and I have done some drabble treats for Yuletide. I'd like to triple the count I have, but we'll see. Assignments should come first. But I love drabbling and comment-ficcing or I wouldn't hang out at the LiveJournal Comment Fic Community so much, so... :shrugs: I'll always snuggle tiny fics between the cracks I think.

I will still track the November novel's numbers on Nano until end of November, just to see what happens.

Today, I have some reviews to catch up on and Lisea to follow. Happy writing!

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The Plans

So I break radio silence without much to show for it yet, but care not because accountability being what it is, I work better with a little. That said, the plans:

  1. Write trovia a birthday fic (which I'm still wracking my brains over because I want to write something she'll like and I've clearly not gifted her in a while because I'm still wracking my brains over it)
  2. Wrap my head around this thing I'm trying to do with Lisea and Malina (it's a big thing) and turn out something awesome by end of October because...
  3. I'm doing NanoWrimo. I've tried this four years now (not in a row) and I want to finally win.
  4. Then after that, Yuletide. Still waffling on my last two noms. If they let us nominate 4 fandoms, it'd be a wee easier, but alas! It's three.

Love y'all. See you soon.

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Here Be Numbers

This entry is part 101 of 103 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

So done with accepting prompts on the prompt post, though I may still write more fic/lets on that thread.

Been buried in exhaustion, so I fell off the face of the earth. Sorry about that. I even had plans and they just went by the wayside completely.

I've finally got my angle on Collateral Damage. It was hiding in the title the entire time. Duh. Sometimes my muse is great at ideas and lousy at communication to the scribe.

Also, have a reading project to finish, two small writing projects to get out of the way, and one large writing project to hit. Catch y'all on the flipside.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fanfiction — 208 words completed

  1. Leverage: On Pain of Being Forked, 208 words

July 2014 Totals

  • Original Fiction: 5 short stories, 12 ficlets — 10,865 words
  • Original Poetry: 2 poems — 354 words | 52 lines
  • Fanfiction: 53 ficlets — 10,959 words
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Raises Head From Under Water

I’ve been fighting not getting sick lately, so there’s cause for the radio silence. Yes, I’ve posted fanficcy things. Brain’s not all the way there, but I’ve got to be actually gone in order to not be able to do a decent bit of fic. Original fic? Yeah, right. Reading? Can’t concentrate well unless I’m hanging on a heavy knowledge of canon’s scaffolding. Proofreading? Considering asking for an extension and this is a paid job. Poetry even? Yeah, no dice. Crossposting even aforementioned fanfic properly? Hah.

En brief, that’s where I’ve been.

The inspiration’s cranked, just not the execution. I’ve been nibbling at several major projects to see which one will actually let me bite. Haven’t made it far, though I’m in love with the ideas for sure. I’d like to wrap up Son o’ de Guild too. That would get a lot of pressure off for all the abandoned fics, just too scared I’ll throw myself out of the decent Clint/Natasha vibe I’ve got going before I wrap up some other much shorter pieces that I’d like to.

I wonder if I’m a story commitment phobe. Probably not. I just lack that delightful ability to stay focused on a story after I’ve mentally figured it out. Go figure.

Have a snippet:

One moment, Alaine was wrapped in the blinding white light of a gleaming apartment light, begging the child beneath her hand not to die. She was pouring life into an empty hole, feeling it slip through her fingers and out of the body that needed it so badly. The next moment, the entire room was swathed in black darkness except for Devon’s meagre flashlight shining over her hands.

It startled the little boy and startled Alaine, cutting their connection.

“D—!” she swore. Don’t die, don’t die, don’t die. Trust me! “Who turned out the lights?” Alaine demanded aloud, but she didn’t have much spare room for the question or the faint murmuring of Devon’s answer against the blur of sliding into the slippery mind of her charge—playing catch in the tiny sparsely grassed backyard, picking up his father’s gun… She lost herself in the child, holding with a touch that had no fingers or hands, only the pounding, blending of a healer merging her body’s resources with his.

She felt something shoving heavily against her.

Breathe. She breathed, in and out, into the child. Fingers gripped painfully into her shoulder, yanking against the connection. Don’t die on me. Breathe!

Abruptly, Alaine fell away, connection broken as Devon’s voice came clear in her ears, shouting at a volume that made hearing his words impossible. She barely glanced at him, then scrambled away and threw up on the floor beside her. She gagged and retched for what felt like long minutes, and even after she stopped, her entire body trembled. Someone had opened a couple of lantern lights. The yellow glow made her eyes ache, and medical sirens wailed too close to not hurt her ears in her weakened state.

Devon pushed her up gently and put a bottle to her lips.

She wanted water. It wasn’t water. It was the horrible nutrient-rich formula they gave to healers after they nearly passed out. She sucked in a few mouthfuls, ignoring the way it dribbled down her chin.

Devon’s mouth was a grim line again. The emergency medic had tried in vain to keep her from overdoing it ever since she’d been assigned to work with him last year.

She rolled her head slightly to one side, and it nearly sent her heaving again, but she breathed steady, shallow breaths and forced her vision to focus on the little boy she had tried to save. He was breathing—barely, but he was breathing.


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Where Have I Been?

In a brief list:

  1. Moving (not done)
  2. Trope Bingo Round Three (done)
  3. Finish my remix fic for a Clint/Natasha exchange (done)
  4. Percolating
  5. Actively collecting prompts
  6. Actively planning books/gifts
  7. Scribbling the occasional poem
  8. Singing to myself
  9. Dealing with finances and sciatic nerve issues (not done)
  10. Trying to stay awake long enough to get some decent reading in (I have not forgotten you, in_the_blue! or you, thecatisacritic!) (seriously not done)

What I'm really trying to work on as opposed to getting done in the corners of life:

  1. Proofreading for a client
  2. Move in
  3. Find my taxes paperwork so I can my refund
  4. Deal with finances and sciatic nerve issues
  5. Finish reading in_the_blue's story
  6. Write a giftfic (short story) for thecatisacritic
  7. Put together an anthology of either poetry or the 365-day challenge

That's where I'm at. How are you?

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Catching Up on Accountability

This entry is part 75 of 103 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

So I've been struggling with insomnia lately and other real life hecticness, like signing a lease on a new house with the family and trying to think straight in spite of said insomnia and writing only on a tablet and at work because hovering sister, which makes for a poor productivity rate, including in accountability posts.

That said.

March 11, 2014

Started a crossover short, "Justice," with thecatisacritic, in which I wrote 646 words. She initiated; I liked.

March 12, 2014

Wrote a 485-word prose poem while researching poetic techniques and Shakespearean plays for lithiumlaughter's giftfic "Blank Verse." Also 133 words on "Justice" and 66 on "Blank Verse."

Word Counts:

  • Fiction: 845 words
  • Poetry: 0 lines | 485 words
  • Blog: 109 words

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The Day After That, the Queen's Child Comes In

This entry is part 64 of 103 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

So that's a fancy way of saying I'm really happy with the things I got done/discovered even if it didn't result in a lot of new words yet.

Most importantly, I got my website issues resolved yesterday. I still don't know what went wrong and the solution was anything but simple and easy, but there's this handy Webspace Recovery option on 1and1, and I was able to recover my missing files.

Last night, I discovered how to do hardcover editions without going through Lightning Source and when to do casewrap vs. dust jacket. It got most of the mass market reformatted yesterday. There were some serious margin issues, which is a pity because now I have to do the justification all over again and hope the page count stays the same or close to it and possibly retrim the cover.

I did a huge amount of percolation/brainstorming with my collaborator and prepped Seven Days to finally to get written properly.

I wrote poetry of all things, one poem of which I've been trying to write for over a year. It just started playing in my ear this morning and I stopped, dropped, and wrote. I knew I wanted to write something about the fact that my great-grandmother dressed my grandmother as an Indian princess because of her actual lineage and that my mother learned English off the television and that I'm not the sum of my parts and am the product of legal immigration on both sides—from Mexico. So yeah. I wrote something. It means something to me.

Updated and resubmitted the mass market interior. That did affect the spine width and I'll have to update the cover. Again. :le sigh:

Compiled my data on an invisible fandom. I'm working out what the canon is in my head so I can write what my recipient wants.

Today is really a gathering things up in prep day. I was hoping for more of a throwing words down day, but oh, well. Both steps are more than necessary.

And there went the mass market submitted for review. The cover is tweaked and hopefully correct at last.

Lumping in yesterday's blog counts.

Word Counts:

  • Fiction: 0 words
  • Poetry: 57 lines | 392 words
  • Blog: 679 words

February Totals

  • Fiction: 5630 words
  • Poetry: 73 lines | 451 words
  • Blog: 3245 words

Pieces Started Not Finished

  • Fiction: Hear the Stars, novella.
  • Nonfiction/Blog: Indie Author Guide to Genre, book/blog series.
  • Fanfic: Invisible Ficathon Treat.

Completed Pieces

  • Fanfic: “Wholeness of Self,” 783 words.
  • Poem: "Tell Me," 8 lines | 37 words.
  • Poem: "Mother," 8 lines | 22 words.
  • Fanfic: Invisible Ficathon Treat, 269 words.
  • Poem: "Native," 31 lines| 232 words.
  • Poem: "Moderation," 6 lines| 20 words.
  • Poem: "I Should Think," 20 lines| 140 words.
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Today's Trenches

This entry is part 55 of 103 in the series Daily Scribble Reports


So I’ve been collaborating and publishing these last few days, and my fingers are itching to get back to my cover art to get it corrected for Createspace. I’m ready to order my proofs and get it off to bed, seriously.


In the meantime, I discovered again a deplorable lack of information out there about genre. Most of the intensive information is workshops and classes. I want a reference book. So I’ll be adding into my already over-scattered writing schedule to put together a reference work called The Indie Author Guide to Genre, where I get to cover BISAC, Amazon, cross-genre, subgenres, and examples of how broad the scope of these genres can really be.

Then I’m also going to start putting together some tutorials on the Pods CMS plugin for my own benefit due to the fact that it is deplorably underdocumented and I use it extensively here and exclusively for my new series bible setup. I don’t know PHP. I don’t know SQL. I want an awesome site. Surely that's not too much to ask. :grins:

I’ll put both of these series under cuts so you can skip them if you want.


Didn’t do so good today, but it was a busy workday and I had to run to break on lunch. I got a chapter tweaked though and it’s off to the collaborator for editing and/or general assessment.

I look at how fast other writers produce and how they do it and I find myself wondering what in the world besides overthinking is holding me back, but then I remember it’s not always overthinking but sometimes sheer ignorance that must be rectified before my thinking actually produces anything of value again. Why do I insist on writing things that require me not to be ignorant?

Scribbling snippets here and there and not big ones, but they're coming.

Series Bible

As mentioned above, I think I’ve got a decent series bible setup now. It’s sparse because I’m focusing on canonical data and current WIP and building the site before focusing on filling everything out, but it exists. This is good.


Sign-ups for the Invisible Ficathon start tomorrow. Yay!

Word Counts

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