Writing about Writing

It's something almost every writer does, simply because if we're really doing it for a living, it's generally the thing at the top of our mind. But that made me think about what really makes me who I am online.

I love to analyze, to explore, and to figure out how things work, especially psychologically. I have no degrees or credentials, just a whole lot of self-taught ideas and bits that come together into some startling wholes. I don't care much for writing nonfiction, but I like to journal, I like to create worlds and languages and cultures, and I love to write fiction and occasionally poetry. I've been heavily involved in fandom writing and graphic art and am heavily involved now in original science fiction fantasy.

What kinds of things would a reader of mine actually like to read?

I write for readers, not just writers. I write for creative people who like fantastic worlds in their spare time, and many of them like the kind of worlds they can get immersed in with characters they love. I have no fans at this point, something about just starting out and eking out my words at a pace that permits tolerable prose sandwiched in between other activities in an altogether too hectic life. It leaves me feeling a little jumbled—what I want to journal about and what is an actual offering or gift to whatever precious reader stumbles across this corner of the web are two very different creatures.

What do you like to read?

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