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A Nonfiction Fishbowl


at 15 out of 28+ prompts

I need your help. Freelance articles for Constant Content are my bread and butter and put beans on the table, keep a roof over my head, but the output required to earn that bread over there is something I haven't quite been able to produce without help.

FishbowlSo without further ado, I am offering a nonfiction fishbowl, in which you may prompt for blog posts, personal essays, research articles, anything between 500 and 800 words that you want to read or know more about. Ask questions, express wonderments, mention projects that need more documentation for how-to—anything you want. Some of my favorite topics include designing a Wordpress website for noncoders, myth and legend, natural health, tea, fiction, creativity, etc.

I figured out that I need to post two articles daily, which is fourteen articles a week, and roughly fifty-six for the month. Constant Content pays me about $0.05/word when the articles sell, and these go much faster when there's a good size backlist.


  1. You may prompt as many times as you wish. If you prompt, I promise to write at least one piece to your prompt(s).
  2. If you prompt an article or blog post, I will send you a private copy of it in PDF format for your personal use.
  3. Any prompt is fair game, but if I do not feel conversant enough with a given topic, I may ask you to prompt again.
  4. I will reply in the comments to each prompt with the article/post title and a brief summary or teaser.
  5. I will post at least one blog post or article from the fishbowl on the website and make it freely available.
  6. All completed prompts will be posted on Constant Content for sale unless sponsored.


  1. Want me to post something on this blog or see an article someone else prompted? You can sponsor an article for $0.02/word. I will offer reprint rights for sponsored articles on Constant Content, though as I understand it, full rights sell much better.Example Cost: 500 words = $10.00 and 800 words = $16.00
  2. Want a guest post for your blog or to purchase the content outright for your own use? You can purchase an article for $0.05/word. I will sell the article or post as work-for-hire and relinquish all rights to the piece.Example Cost: 500 words = $25.00 and 800 words = $40.00
  3. Want to read all of the articles and blog posts generated from the fishbowl? Donors of $10 or more will receive a private copy of all pieces in PDF format for their personal use.
  4. Want to donate to the fishbowl? You can donate any amount of $1 or more through Paypal or snail mail. If you would like to donate through snail mail, please send an email to info at lianamir dot com for the address.


Feed the Scribbler

Please consider prompting and sharing this fishbowl. I am hoping to produce at least 28 articles and get two weeks worth of work going.

Thank you for any and all support!

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I'm in the boat of eyeing the income streams again, needing to add more of them. Which brings me back to Kickstarter. Again. But I haven't figured out how to tweak out a project I want to do.

Then there's City of Glass. I'm feeling a need to bump it up to twice weekly updates instead of once, but I'm not sure if that will be cost-effective for me, as until it's gone a little ways, it probably won't produce income. Note to self: It also needs a cover.

I've thought about monetizing writing to prompts, but don't think I want to go there when I write for free to prompts. Have prompt, will write.

Something's got to give.

:plunks chin on hand and gets thoughty:

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Behind the Times

The Scribbler as Writer


So here we go. As of March 5, 2012, I have made $108.96 on Textbroker. That's a nice chunk of change and it would be a whole lot higher if I was used to cranking out nonfiction, but we're getting there.

Adding this baby to my sidebar:

You can guess where I wrote those. So I'm copyrighting, so to speak, and anyone that wants to commission something, give me a ring.


Summerlight moves forward. It wasn't supposed to, but my muse is the kind that never says die. If I shelve a project, my muse will give me something new, then sneak off every chance it gets to go work on the old one. Go figure.

Storyworlds getting a few dumps and need about a gazillion more: I'm trying to cull all the notes I've scattered through would-be stories set in Vardin and dump them on Worlds of Mir so I can actually use them in Summerlight. I've a sneaking suspicion, I'll always be a little behind on that.

The Scribbler as (Not) Tech


My fandom site, Whispers, needs help. She's out-of-date and mid-process to getting anything like fixed up. :groans: Do not need to add more to my to-do list.


For anyone who missed the announcement, my twitter has moved: @lianamir1 Now, just to get LiveJournal to actually update it when I post, like it used to!

My tumblr is not oft-updated, but there I throw out worldbuilding stuff I like or wrestle with myself.

The Scribbler as Publisher

So, The Intentional Writer is shippable, once I make a cover and format and do that whole tag/category/meta thing. Yeah. :shudders: But it's done, clocking in at 8752 words, which is not bad for me. Once I get it formatted, I will send the PDF free to anyone who agrees to give it an unbiased review wherever it gets up for sale.

Sorry for getting this out late. Sunday was my grandfather's birthday! I was busy celebrating.

How did your week go? Anything exciting?

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Help Wanted: Will Write for Summary!

So as it so happens, I am apparently lousy at writing summaries (though the person who pointed this out to me, did so kindly). I am requesting a trade: free fiction (the story to be summarized and a new short written to order) in exchange for a summary. I would reserve the right to request one revision if necessary.

The requested fiction can be fandom or original on any topic or to any prompt you wish, but within my general forté. No slash, graphic sex, graphic violence, or swearing.

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The Words, The Web, and The Work

  • Finished a draft of an entire collection of flash, entitled: And Everything Nice. Too bad it's going back to the drawing board, but ah, well! It happens.
  • Got back a personal rejection for a drabble at Every Day Fiction. My perennial, "More! More! Tantalizing, but want more!" kind of note. Sometimes this phenomenon calls out my grumpy Bah humbug! vibe, but hey, it's a good sign. More's a comin'.
  • Figured out how to get synopses on my home page here, and while it does mean I can no longer restrict posts to just Therefore I Am..., I think it's an improvement.
  • Changed my primary twitter account from fandom-based whispersofromy to LianaMir1. I will no longer be updating the old Twitter.
  • Am working on building out a Zazzle store or two. More on that when there's more to tell.
  • Got started on Textbroker.com. I'm actually making some income!
  • Speaking of which, any praying folks out there, the government's holding onto my bucks and things are about to get not pretty financially if something doesn't break.
  • Am only one story short of a little Pearl Wise collection. Feeling out for the prompt: The Rule of Alchemy. It is:

For every portion of light to come into the world, a certain portion of darkness must be overcome.

Inspire any thoughts? Questions? I'd love the help, just saying. :grins:

And that, folks, is all for the moment!

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