The Words, The Web, and The Work

  • Finished a draft of an entire collection of flash, entitled: And Everything Nice. Too bad it's going back to the drawing board, but ah, well! It happens.
  • Got back a personal rejection for a drabble at Every Day Fiction. My perennial, "More! More! Tantalizing, but want more!" kind of note. Sometimes this phenomenon calls out my grumpy Bah humbug! vibe, but hey, it's a good sign. More's a comin'.
  • Figured out how to get synopses on my home page here, and while it does mean I can no longer restrict posts to just Therefore I Am...,┬áI think it's an improvement.
  • Changed my primary twitter account from fandom-based whispersofromy to LianaMir1. I will no longer be updating the old Twitter.
  • Am working on building out a Zazzle store or two. More on that when there's more to tell.
  • Got started on I'm actually making some income!
  • Speaking of which, any praying folks out there, the government's holding onto my bucks and things are about to get not pretty financially┬áif something doesn't break.
  • Am only one story short of a little Pearl Wise collection. Feeling out for the prompt: The Rule of Alchemy. It is:

For every portion of light to come into the world, a certain portion of darkness must be overcome.

Inspire any thoughts? Questions? I'd love the help, just saying. :grins:

And that, folks, is all for the moment!

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2 Responses to The Words, The Web, and The Work

  1. Rabia says:

    You're busy! What's a Zazzle store?

    • Liana Mir says: is a print store that allows you set up your own store with just your designs. I've got a private one in progress, but it's not ready for launch just yet.

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