Of Many Colors

Prompt: colors by in_the_blue. 100 Word Stories

Liana Mir

Series Listing

Falhaer - 03. Kingdom

Of Many Colors

Land of the Five Cities - 03. Kingdom

Baker of Souls

Land of the Five Cities - 04. Rebel Council 02

The Commerce of Hearts

Land of the Five Cities - 04. Rebel Council 03

A Pretty Word

Story Within a Story - Esiran Desert Myth

Night Bride

Of Many Colors

She was trained to create what she could never have.

Kileshin sewed the finest cloaks for the wealthiest of her people, but could never wear her own creations.

Falhaer - 03. Kingdom
Breath Fantasy
Flash Fiction Short Story

Twelve colors, rich enough Kileshin could almost taste them. She ran her hands over the vibrant velvet cloths only the wealthiest could afford, fingered the gold and silver satins for trimmings, spun from the silk of gold and white temple spiders of Briganth across the desert. Kileshin was fourteen years old and had been trained to the needles from her earliest memory. Bright threads woven of precious metals glimmered under her touch, ready for her hand.

Kileshin sighed and removed her own coarsely woven day cloak of cheap bleached white, tossing it out of her way so she could work.


Breath Fantasy

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