Jubilation Theme Song

Prompt: any, any, "please stop singing, you're driving me crazy!" by elfgirljen. comment-fic

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The Roommate Files

Sleep is a rare commodity for the Iceman.

Over a lengthy period of being St. John Allerdyce’s unwilling roommate, Bobby comes to one absolutely irrefutable conclusion: John was trying to drive him insane.

X-Men Movieverse

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Chapter 1.


Chapter 2.

Extracting the Square Root

Chapter 3.

Jubilation Theme Song

Jubilation Theme Song

Bobby thought John alone was bad enough. Then came Jubilee…

Chapter 3.
The Roommate Files X-Men Movieverse

Over last ten weeks of being St. John Allerdyce’s unwilling roommate, Bobby had come to one absolutely irrefutable conclusion: John was trying to drive him insane.

Whoever named him ‘saint’ had clearly lost their mind already. Bobby endured sleepless nights, slow torture by clicking lighter, fire damage, Kitty and John’s heated arguments about music, schoolwork, and worse—who knew the guy was into romance novels? But this took the cake.

Bobby had barely collapsed across his bed after the most grueling PE class he had ever experienced (he thought Scott was bad? Logan was infinitely worse) when John, who had been in the same class, burst into the room with… Jubilee? Both of them were singingenthusiastically at the top of their lungs—the song that never ends.

Bobby groaned, then took hope. It was Jubilee. She would be reasonable. “Please stop singing. You’re driving me crazy.” He gave her his best pleading expression.

Jubilee looked at him then looked at John, who shrugged and flicked open his lighter. She grinned and snapped her fingers, starting off a sparkler and a new song:

“’Cause being without you is driving me crazy!
Oh I just don’t know what to do!”

Bobby groaned.


The Roommate Files X-Men Movieverse

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