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The scribbler writes fanfiction and fandom/readerly meta at and her LiveJournal. Favorite fandoms include the Divergent Trilogy, Marvel, The Secret Garden, Take the Lead, and Roswell.

The Roommate Files

Sleep is a rare commodity for the Iceman.

Over a lengthy period of being St. John Allerdyce’s unwilling roommate, Bobby comes to one absolutely irrefutable conclusion: John was trying to drive him insane.

X-Men Movieverse

Chapter Listing

Chapter 1.


Chapter 2.

Extracting the Square Root

Chapter 3.

Jubilation Theme Song


Chapter 1.
The Roommate Files X-Men Movieverse

Bobby blamed that infernal device: it kept him up all hours of the night, tempted and instigated general mayhem, and drove every law-abiding, well-behaved kid at Mutant High positively batty.

It was, of course, St. John Allerdyce’s lighter.


Bobby got a glare at that, one he shouldn’t be able to see at midnight, but sorry, we’ve got an almost bonfire in here, and seeing the expression on his roommate’s face was all too easy.

“It’s Pyro,” St. John Allerdyce snapped while simultaneously clicking his Zippo lighter shut for the umpteenth and a thousandth time.

Bobby tried the calm negotiation techniques he’d asked Mr. Summers for earlier. “If I call you Pyro, will you please stop clicking the lighter.”

The lighter flicked open. John’s hand hesitated. He looked…thoughtful.

Bobby felt his hopes rise.

A long pause, then, “Go ahead and call me John if you want.” John nodded conclusively. “Just don’t expect me to respond.” The lighter snapped shut.

Bobby fell back onto his pillow with a groan.

The Roommate Files X-Men Movieverse

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