Extracting the Square Root

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The Roommate Files

Sleep is a rare commodity for the Iceman.

Over a lengthy period of being St. John Allerdyce’s unwilling roommate, Bobby comes to one absolutely irrefutable conclusion: John was trying to drive him insane.

X-Men Movieverse

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Chapter 2.

Extracting the Square Root

Chapter 3.

Jubilation Theme Song

Extracting the Square Root

Chapter 2.
The Roommate Files X-Men Movieverse

“The square root of seventy-three,” Kitty repeated sharply with a glare.

This was a new development. Bobby glanced up wearily from his pillow at the glowing red numbers of his alarm clock. Ten minutes to midnight, and there was a girl in their dorm room. Never mind the curfew, the rules, or the primal need for sleep—Katherine Pryde had moved in on St. John’s bed with her stacks of textbooks and her fierce glares for John with the stated goal of teaching the most mathematically challenged student at Xavier’s how to manually extract a square root.

Naturally, John was doing rather poorly, which was not at all helped by the fact that the two were lying practically entangled on his bed and John’s interest was clearly more on nuzzling Kitty’s neck or playing with her hair than doing homework.

“Stop that,” Kitty snapped.

St. John shrugged. “I have no idea.”

Kitty growled.

He kissed her cheek, and she glared at him again.

“Can I file a complaint for sexual harrassment or something?” Bobby demanded.

Kitty’s head came up with an entirely perplexed expression on her face. “Huh?”

“I am being exposed to sexual attention I do not want to see,” Bobby insisted.

Kitty and John exchanged looks.

Kitty answered slowly. “I’m pretty sure I’m the one being ‘sexually harrassed,’ and um…I’m pretty sure…”—she was blushing and suddenly Bobby realized this was not going to be good—”the attentions have to be unwanted to be harrassment.”

His jaw dropped. All that bluster—the glares, the biting comments, the smacks upside St. John Allerdyce’s smug head—were fake? “I just want to go to sleep!”

Kitty looked at John. “Is he always like this?”

John chuckled. “Much, much worse.”

Bobby’s mouth dropped open again.

“Right,” Kitty replied, all business. “Now the square root of seventy-three. Let’s start with the square root of seven…”

The Roommate Files X-Men Movieverse

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