Meming It Out for a Ficlet O'Clock

This entry is part 3 of 52 in the series 365 Challenge

365 pieces of poetry and fiction to prompts. Poetry, songs, colors, favorite lines, etc. I want to write original work, but knowing me, the occasional bit of fandomness will sneak in. This is more exciting to me than I can say for some reason, and I’m hoping you will all help me as I reach out to create an average of one piece a day.

Yesterday, we got quite a bit of work done, including overhauling the framework of my website. Still more to get done, but I like how the Bibliography and 365 Challenge pages turned out.

And now, it's that time again. I've got prompts in the percolator and stories mulling, but need a few more ready prompting, por favor. So calling:

  1. Number of sentences
  2. Character(s) and/or continuity/fandom
  3. Any question you want answered


22/365: The Ones Who Choose

Who is family?

Natasha Romanova surprised herself by moving in to the Stark Tower and making her suite her own. Tony Stark surprises her by commenting on it.

Avengers Movieverse Fanfic
393 words

19/365: Battery Acid

Battery acid is caustic, but indispensable.

Justus had found the Database’s company to be tolerable, but sometimes she was a little too sharp when he was already feeling raw.

Science Fiction Flash Fiction Short Story
501 words

14–15/365: Welcome

Cate shouldn't have asked, but she did.

Rachelle would rather be anywhere else than the newly formed Special Unit, doing the work she used to be enslaved to. But she will. For Cate.

Science Fiction Short Story
1042 words

16/365: Hunt the Mists

He wanted to change the way things were.

Bryn wants to guard their own lands and the outsiders who stumble upon them, but he is no hunter and only the hunters wander out into the mists.

Science Fiction Fantasy Flash Fiction Short Story
353 words

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