Liana Mir

Liana Mir reads, writes, and wrangles the muses from her mundane home in the Colorado Rockies and, occasionally, from the other side of the Barrier.


dead words upon a page / concatenated ink / don't call it litterae


things made from letters
this is how I learned to read
red, yellow, blue
rain falling on a mouse
signs that yawned at sidewalks
grocer, laundromat
things made of letters
born on silent tongues

things made of letters
dead words upon a page
concatenated ink
don’t call it litterae
things made from letters
from letters, made-up words
endless sentences of words
rolled up in paragraphs
bound up into books

two boxes, little boxes
Mary Poppins boxes
in them boxes, in them boxes
in all the boxes words
reams of letters scrawled on boxes
scrawled in boxes, writ in letters
streams of letters we named genre
streams of literary letters
bound in literary books

things made from letters
this is how I learned to read
letters bound in words, made-up words
become sentence, endless sentences
become books, bound-up books
these things are made from letters
these things are literature



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