Sweet Home

Sweet Home

Xavier's Insitute has become home, sweet home for lost souls.

Such troubled mutants as Gambit, Pyro, and Piotr of the Acolytes and problematic, selfish ones like Emma Frost have finally found solace and a home.

X-Men Evolution

All characters and organizations (with the exception of small, mostly unnamed minor characters) throughout the series are the product of Marvel and/or whoever they licensed/sold them to.

CANONICAL NOTES: This story arc borrows the basic premise of X-Men Evolution but may vary from established canon here and there. (I never watched the entire series.)

LANGUAGE AND ACCENTS: Cajun French is generally courtesy of Heavenmetal (many thanks). I will usually attempt to reproduce accents in the full-length story, but no promises.

Home for the Holidays

1st Year - 4th Quarter
400 words
It's good to be home.

Piotr and Remy return home for Christmas.

Sugar and Spice

2nd Year, 1st Quarter
300 words
"Let's face it, this is not the worst thing you've caught me doing."

Rogue catches Gambit trying to “fix” the dessert Kitty made for Piotr’s birthday and takes exception—though he’s pretty sure anyone else would be grateful.

Girls That Go Bump in the Mind

2nd Year, 3rd Quarter
1016 words
What you don't know can hurt you.

No one realized just how deep the animosity between telepaths went until sweet, self-sacrificing, foolish Scott Summers offered to help Emma Frost with her homework—and she brought her study partner, Jean Grey, along for the ride.


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