Sugar and Spice

Prompt: comment fic following/taking place in the universe of Just Desserts by simoneybologna. Scribble Your Name, At Your Service

Prompt: Rogue/Gambit: "Let's face it, this is not the worst thing you've caught me doing." by whipsy. I'm just a meming it out today...

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1st Year - 4th Quarter

Home for the Holidays

2nd Year, 1st Quarter

Sugar and Spice

2nd Year, 3rd Quarter

Girls That Go Bump in the Mind

Sugar and Spice

"Let's face it, this is not the worst thing you've caught me doing."

Rogue catches Gambit trying to “fix” the dessert Kitty made for Piotr’s birthday and takes exception—though he’s pretty sure anyone else would be grateful.

2nd Year, 1st Quarter
Sweet Home X-Men Evolution

Just Desserts

“Let’s face it, chére,” Gambit replied, almost primly. Definitely got a raised brow on Rogue’s part. “This is not the worst thing you’ve caught me doing.” He gave her his best pleading smile for good measure.

Rogue’s mouth stayed tight, her arms stayed crossed, her hip still jutted to one side, and her foot was still tapping up and down on the linoleum. “Gambit…” she drawled.

He winced at the use of his codename. “C’mon, chére,” he wheedled. “Everyone will thank me.”

“Except Kitty.” With that, she whisked Kitty’s horrendous muffins out of his grip. “Piotr’s birthday. Girlfriend makes dessert.”

Salvation Al Dente

Kitty may have been oblivious to the suppressed horror on her boyfriend Piotr’s face when she carried out her carefully reheated dessert, but even she could not miss the surprise on his face when he bit into one of those dense, over-egged, over-crusty muffins and exclaimed, “This is very good!”

She whopped him. “Of course, they are. I made them.”

Piotr looked sheepish. The rest of the table looked skeptical. Was Piotr saving face?

Gambit smirked smugly. Gambit was a chef, trained by the famed Tante Mattie Baptiste, and no dessert following his dinner would ever be made by Kitty.

Vengeance is Demitasse

Early morning training sessions were the bane of Gambit’s life—especially when he found himself abruptly wide awake at five a.m., girlfriend standing over his bed, a dangerous glint in her eyes and an iron skillet swinging from her hand.

“Bonjour, ma chére,” he said smoothly.

Rogue scowled. “I’m not sure whether to order beignets or to hit you with this.”

She suddenly tossed the skillet at him. He caught it in his stomach with a pained oomph.

“Breakfast. On the double.” She grinned. “Logan wants us in the Danger Room at six.”

Mornings were the bane of Gambit’s life.


Sweet Home X-Men Evolution

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