Closing Out the Fluff Fest...

So I adored the process of writing a little more than 40 fluffy, sweet, or humorous drabbles, but I've answered pretty much every prompt that fit the bill and it's time to dig into another full-length story. I'm really leaning toward Vardin, but I'm going to be good and hit my five-things fics first I think.

In other news, I really hate creating anthologies, I discovered. Not because it's not important when you write short work, but because you have to first pick stuff that hangs together some way (even when the whole point is to clear out the backlist that doesn't), and then you have to organize it so it works in the order read, and then you have to make sure everything stands alone, even the pieces you only threw in to bridge things thematically but would normally stick with their own world.

Their own world is an issue unique to sprawling worldbuilders, I fear. It goes like this: as usual, I know so much about my world that in an effort to not core dump way more than necessary or complicate my story more than necessary, I stick to the bare minimum to comprehend the story. Let me assure you, this. does. not. work.

:glumly yours:

the scribbler

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