Yesterday was Good and Bad

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I have a knack for being inspired on the days my sister decides to be clingy, which puts a real crimp in the getting things done, because I don't share any of my Liana work with her, so no writing while she's hovering. Hmph.

I did get a snippet written and shipped on the collaboration and ordered my updated proof of the trade edition of Dowse and Bleed. The mass market awaits more precise details on what I did wrong on the cover with the live elements. As there's no template, I followed their rules and apparently was still off somehow. When I'm done getting it right, I'm going to make my own template and make it available for anyone else who likes the size and wants to do one.

Going to count a blog post I drafted the day before as well.

Today, I'll try and be a good girl and get the stuff written that I percolated on yesterday. Wish me luck!

Word Counts:

  • Fiction: 176 words
  • Poetry: 0 lines | 0 words
  • Blog: 733 words

February Totals

  • Fiction: 4448 words
  • Poetry: 16 lines | 59 words
  • Blog: 2251 words

Pieces Started

  • Fanfic: "Wholeness of Self," one-shot.
  • Fiction: Hear the Stars, novella.
  • Nonfiction/Blog: Indie Author Guide to Genre, book/blog series.
  • Poem: "Tell Me."
  • Poem: "Mother."

Completed Pieces

  • Fanfic: “Wholeness of Self,” 783 words.
  • Poem: "Tell Me," 8 lines | 37 words.
  • Poem: "Mother," 8 lines | 22 words.
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