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So I've had five stories that have been published for a while, but with all the stories I'm doing in and around the 365 Challenge, I decided to make them free on this site for now. Check out the new information on the Bibliography pages too!


Gone Hunting

John Henry has seen a miracle. Rhiannon is here to silence him.

John Henry saw a healer touch a dying child and the little girl walk away. Rhiannon de Alyón is a Vardin hunter with orders to ensure his silence. She failed to reckon the price she would have to pay to succeed.

Science Fiction Fantasy Vardin

Portrait of a Butterfly

Casal is already glimmering. She is dangerous.

A hunt gone wrong, a child’s uncontrollable power manifested, and a horror about to be unleashed. A young hunter, Pesheneh, must join her father and his team to rescue the child from capture and her nation’s secrets from being revealed.

Science Fiction Fantasy Vardin

Crossing the Barrier

It's her mother's last hunt and Casal's last chance to become a hunter herself.

Born in a land hidden and separated from the rest of Europe by the Barrier, Casal is caught between two sides of her heritage. Will she bind herself to the land as a Guardian—or do the dangerous work of the Hunters who cross the Barrier?

Science Fiction Fantasy Vardin


Baker of Souls

Everyone in the city knew Senetha. It was good to be a baker.

Senetha, baker of souls, has breathed life into countless newborns. She has never lost a soul—until now.

Fantasy Breath

A Pretty Word

For a little food and comfort, all Jaspen needs to do is betray.

Kindia is a street writer with the power to make the words she writes come true. Jaspen is a watchman with a mandate to haul in any of the powerful for destruction by the rebel council. One cold night, Jaspen’s world collides with the consequences of the powerful and must make a decision that could change everything.

Fantasy Breath

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