The Scribbler Erases...

Ficlet for lithiumlaughter

Misbehaving. Want to throw the whole thing into a river to float away and leave me alone, thank you!

Jaguar's story for Rabia Gale

It's there. Sketched. Awaiting the painting, the vivid colors that will bring it to life, but how do you capture a movie in your head into lyric prose verse?

"Don't Say a Word," Alliance ficlet

Rejected by Daily Science Fiction, out to Plasma Frequency Magazine.

Personally rejected by Plasma Frequency Magazine1, out to... Will get back to y'all on that.

And last edit for the night. I want to try it at Abyss and Apex, which is closed until November. Onto the next story for the week.2

"At the Door," fantasy ficlet

Still pending response from Flash Fiction Online, none due for 15+ days

What's on your docket?

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  1. My usual. "Well-written, more please!" :cue my grumble, grumble, grumble:
  2. Gotta finish that Jaguar.
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