Letter from One Muse to Another

Dear Muses,

About that Pinterest thing: We know you've been putting off dealing with it because of valid points of inspiration and all that yada and primarily the fact that tracking a picture down to its original source is hard. to. do. 'Nuff said.

But we've been reading up here and here and here, and something's come to light you simply have to address. Not only are we held liable for what we pin, but also for what we repin? Oooh, goody. Nice going, Pinterest. Make sure every single person micromanages every other just so long as you don't get held liable. :grumbles thunderously:

So what happens now?

Well, let's face it, girl, 'cause you've been forgetting. You are a graphic artist. Got that? Graphic artist. You make art, and you know how to get the pictures to do it. Now, some of what you've got is fair use, but it's those sneaky little repins you need to watch out for because you've been repinning like there's no tomorrow.

And here you go: pinnable inspiration delivered to your Twitter, photographers who want you to pin their work. Now all you need is to take the time and create your own gorgeousness.

Got it?


The Muses

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8 Responses to Letter from One Muse to Another

  1. Those re-pins are terribly sneaky. I've turned it in to sort of a game - if I can find the owner within x number of clicks I'll re-pin (or better yet, pin from the original source). If it takes more than a few clicks to find the owner, well, at least I've probably learned something. Yesterday I read all about Ice Castles while looking for the owner of a pin. Found the owner, can't re-pin it, but the ice castles were cool 🙂

    • Liana Mir says:

      Dreadfully sneaky. I'm going to go through and clean out my Pinterest over the weekend I think. Thankfully, there is a way around the can't-like-your-own-pins restriction. Click on where I repinned it from, like, and then un-repin.

      • AHA! I knew there had to be a way to get around that, but I couldn't figure it out. Oh well, I already deleted everything and started over. Most of the pins I've been able to find that were on my boards aren't pinnable anyways.

  2. Rabia says:

    Funny that you should post this today. I've been thinking about posting about *my* brief yet passionate affair with Pinterest (you probably noticed I deleted all but the book covers board--I hated to lose the pretty pictures but I sleep better at nights now).

    • Liana Mir says:

      On the bright side, book covers are fair use, and I love that board of yours. (To be honest, I hadn't yet found any boards but that one. Shows you how well I keep up. :shakes head at self: )

  3. Rabia says:

    My other boards didn't last more than a day. Book covers are about the only images I feel comfortable putting up on my blog or elsewhere!

  4. cmckane says:

    But what about "liking" pins? Can that get you into hot water? If I'm unclear of the true source but really like the image I "like" it.

    I don't pin or repin anything from Tumbler. Going to start cleaning up my pins though. Plus, I've embedded pins onto my blog. Off to make sure all of those are a-okay!

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