Ficlets, huh?

Tea and Ficlets is clearly turning into Tea and Short Stories!


When he woke up, she was leaning over him. She was there. He reached up to try to touch her, but with a sad smile, she caught his bare hand with her gloved one and shook her head.

Like a revolving door in revolving days, passing through sleep and waking, through cures and gritted teeth, but this. This. I'll always be here, no matter where you've gone. I'll always be here waiting, speaking to that part of you I keep.

The World Turns 'Round

"It's beautiful out here," he said suddenly, then glanced over at a slight movement at the corner of his eye.

Lenee had stiffened slightly. "Beautiful," she murmured and shook her head. "But what does that mean?"

Josh hesitated, then answered as if it was a reasonable question. "You know, pleasing to look at."

She tilted her head to look over at him, her eyes almost meeting his. "I can't see color."

The Cloths of Heaven

"You're crazy." Bird stepped away abruptly, didn't look back. How many times had they come to this point before? Talk to me, don't act like everything's the same, you're my partner.

Yeah, well, reality's sometimes hard to take.

— The Veil Between You and Me

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