Cover Testing the Worlds

The idea here is to have each storyworld recognizable for what it is, but also to have each collection look different than an individual short story.


A storyworld of pure fantasy. Not on this planet; magic or power system based upon breath, skin, and a medium.

One of these stories is still in progress, but I went ahead and made the cover because it made better sense to do so than to wait. I also included a separate short that won't end up in Soul but that I would like to re-release.


Another fantasy storyworld, this one more Christian in theme and flavor, but still not on this world and with a power system all about transmuting darkness into light.

So I do really need to rename that tag. Anyway, these have been shown off en-gallery previously, but looking at the overall series value here.


A science fiction world on this planet in a fictional geographical area that can only be reached by opening and passing through "the Barrier." For all it's science fiction, it feels like fantasy most times.

The first crept up on me by surprise, the second appeared in my brain and translated beautifully to graphic (story in progress), and the third refused to show up without hauling through the proverbial river first. The collection cover? Same name as the last but has to combine the genres of all three. More river hauling. The first few iterations refused to not look like a romance novel. :growls:

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3 Responses to Cover Testing the Worlds

  1. Rabia says:

    I like how you unify the covers in each collection. And your color choices are gorgeous!

    Please post some time how you make these covers!

    • Liana Mir says:

      It worked! I was worried that some of them didn't quite unify well enough, but I'm glad to hear they did. Upon request, I hereby resolve to add The Publishers Series, in which I dissect the making of a cover. :grins:

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