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1/100: Defining the Creative Life

We are each our own world.

My creative life is defined as positively creating in response to life, rather than reacting. I am not the complementary and equal reaction to the scenes and props that appear in my world. I am the positive center of my own world, the cause of what it contains, and, by grace, perhaps an overflowing blessing to another’s.

Nonfiction Personal Essay
736 words

2/100: Unafraid to Be Silent

Silence is rarely appreciated by the silent.

If I am quick to speak and slow to listen, I will never learn and outgrow this pot I’ve planted myself in. I must listen and develop and create inside my mind before I can create in this outward world, and truly, in so many ways it is more satisfying to bring to fruition the fullness of my vision, as taking the time to create a meal is more satisfying to me than simply eating a grab-and-go snack or prepackaged dish.

Nonfiction Personal Essay
925 words

3/100: Taking Stock

The more I create, the more I work in different fields and endeavors, the more I learn about creativity and success.

Nonfiction Aphorisms

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