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A Little Bit of Everything

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So on July 1, 2014, word counts resume but only for completed works. I wrote on several pieces of wip original fiction, but completed few and went to defrag by writing a few commentfics. I actually completed everything fandom I worked on, so despite appearances, I wrote more original fiction yesterday than fanfiction.

Original Fiction — 752 words completed

  1. Kingdoms and Thorn: "All She Ever Wanted," 207 words
  2. Kingdoms and Thorn: "Come Home to Me, My Love," 545 words

Fanfiction — 1262 words completed

  1. MCU: Taken, 422 words
  2. MCU: But What About the Wings?, 82 words
  3. MCU: Hey, Robin Hood, 177 words
  4. MCU/X-Men: Double Negative, 77 words
  5. MCU: When Silence Falls, 6 words
  6. MCU: What Is Mine, 145 words
  7. Firefly: Sometimes, 232 words
  8. MCU: Unjust Reward, 121 words

July 2014 Totals

  • Original Fiction: 2 ficlets, 752 words
  • Fanfiction: 8 ficlets, 1262 words
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Down the Rabbit Hole

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I've been doing an admirable imitation of lost, so here's where I've been. Sort of. I'm not really listing what kept me so busy just that I have been.

March 7, 2014

So not a very productive weekend, due to being very busy on the non-writing fronts, but I got 376 words on the collaboration and 3 on an invisible treat. (3! Just 3!) So there you have it.

March 8–9, 2014

Sabbath and Sunday were a wash. Oh! Not quite! Two of my beta/readers reported receiving their copies of Dowse and Bleed, which is very exciting, and I got a few words on the collaboration: 115 words.

Word Counts:

  • Fiction: 494 words
  • Poetry: 0 lines | 0 words
  • Blog: 103 words

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