Queen of Heaven

Prompt: Chasing after wind (I've been reading Ecclesiastes, so there you have it). by Rabia Gale.

Liana Mir

Liana Mir reads, writes, and wrangles the muses from her mundane home in the Colorado Rockies and, occasionally, from the other side of the Barrier.

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1st Era. Ending

Queen of Heaven

1st Era. Ending

Where Winter Keeps

1st Era. Final

The Unmaking

3rd Era. Transition

watch me dream

4th Era. Beginning

mirror, mirror

5th Era. Diaspora

Ever in Love

5th Era. Diaspora

some mirrors / the dreamer learns

Queen of Heaven

The Queen of Heaven should not care / When lost were all the reeling stars / The Queen of Heaven tossed her hair / Retorted, "Don't you know what's ours"

1st Era. Ending
Mirror Fantasy Narrative


Under a brassy, golden sky
I met the Queen of Heaven by
The edge of a long and golden road
Her eyes were dark, but they were cold

Her midnight hair drank in the light
Her golden skin could burn my sight
Her motorcycle matched her black
Her kindled gaze made tension crack

The Queen of Heaven seemed to be
Ice and fire equally
The furnace of a heated sun
Compacted to an iron gun

I was young, so she was too
I’d rather that the sky were blue
But Mother always chided, blunt
We cannot have all things we want

Wanderer I’d ever been
She raised her brow, expression sin
“We ride the long and narrow road
‘Til heavens burn and stars corrode”

The Queen of Heaven ought to be
A story bright, a carol sweet
The Queen of Heaven looked at me
And set me trembling on my feet


The sky at dusk is brazen gold
At morning light, red sunders bold
Evening wakes the cloudswept green
North for winter, flocks careen

We woke one night before the dawn
To skies as pale as green chiffon
TVs sputter words and chime
“Beginning of the end of time”

The Queen of Heaven ’round her cup
Curls her hand and drinks it up
Coffee’s known to open lips
Among the lies, some trueness slips

The mothers prayed by candlelight
Though none was needed; skies were bright
The fathers fought they knew not what
With hopeless rage and words that cut

The girls at school were known to weep
Huddled together like wild sheep
The boys took off, for what could hold
If time was dead and earth was old

The Queen of Heaven should not care
When lost were all the reeling stars
The Queen of Heaven tossed her hair
Retorted, “Don’t you know what’s ours”


The road was long; we rode it hard
The sun was gone, the nights unstarred
We stayed in every kind of place
Built by God or human race

We tasted water when we passed
We ran the earth and mountains vast
Caught dragonflies within our hands
Traced the spider’s silken strands

The Queen of Heaven seemed to be
A rebel woman, young like me
A wayward beam, a scorching flare
A ray of sunlight caught midair

Winds were rare, the hills unswept
Summer’s balm was endless kept
We stopped and watched the eventide
With coffee and a scone beside

If red and green the skies display
Do the color blind see gray
Is all of heaven dimness now
And to them beauty disallowed

The Queen of Heaven should regard
If wounded souls belong to her
The Queen of Heaven’s eyes were hard
No answer would her tongue confer


Quietly quieter every day
No birds to sing, no beasts to play
The ‘tenders shrugged and took our cash
To tuck into their growing stash

I watched the world through the glass
Watched the loss of earth amass
“Is this the way the world ends”
A wearing down and none defends

The Queen of Heaven raised her brow
She tapped her fingers, shrugged; “Not now”
It angered me to hear her speak
But who could breach her sharp mystique

I took her wrist and stayed her hand
To make her hear my harsh demand
She caught my eyes within her gaze
And set my soul within ablaze

Fire burned, she scorched my lips
Then from my mouth, her finger slips
She will not answer, will not save
I know it, certain as the grave

The Queen of Heaven ought to be
Protective of humanity
The Queen of Heaven looked at me
“What do you know of deity”


Her name was Silvia, Silver, Syl
It changed for every house and hill
Her laugh was golden, bright and free
Her smiles given readily

I tangled hands within her hair
She left it loose without a care
We rode together on one bike
We were so close and unalike

The Queen of Heaven seemed to be
Close enough to touch and see
I touched her brazen, golden skin
And knew I’d never see within

I held a crumbling tome that dusk
And asked her in a voice too brusque
“Are you Syldé, Queen of Night
Or Sylfen, Ruler of the Light”

She turned to me with darkened eyes
And laughed in joyousless reprise
“Do you know when you ask me
Anything of humanity”

The Queen of Heaven should be fierce
And gentle as the ruling sun
Knowledge of her should not pierce
Her skin; it should not make her run


She looked at me with midnight eyes
And only then, I saw them lies
“Neither.” Then she walked away
And summer fell to winter’s grey


Mirror Fantasy Narrative

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