Selfless, selfish—brave.

Tris, Four, Natalie—trained to be selfless, born to be brave. Stories of the choices they make.

Divergent Trilogy

All characters and organizations (with the exception of small, mostly unnamed minor characters) throughout the series belong to Veronica Roth.


00. Before and During Divergent
1110 words
Selflessness and bravery aren't that different.

Natalie loved her daughter Tris enough to be selfless, enough to be brave.

The Number of Fear

00. Before and During Divergent
318 words
He must stay brave to keep the name.

Fear is something Tobias cannot afford to have—not fear of those who tear away what means the most to him, not fear of those who would destroy him.

Another Way

01.00 Four - Choosing
100 words
A choice neither brave nor selfless.

Tobias had been raised to be selfless. He chose to be brave. He was neither.


01.01 Four - after Choosing
124 words
We are trained to remember. We are trained to forget.

Four trained himself to remember, and to forget. A brief character study.


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