Publishing with a Side Dish of Reading

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I spent most of the morning turning out a mass market edition. My initial resizing had led me to believe my book would be 128 pages. It turned out to be 102. Needless to say, I might have to correct the spine width, but I’m hoping the difference is minute enough that I won’t: 0.05855 in.

Then, I contacted Createspace and asked them to add my second BISAC category to both editions and whether I’d plunked the Mass Market info in the correct field. We’ll see how it goes.

Got the first draft of the formatted ebook back and am very excited. Sent back four small corrections which were mostly my fault. Back and forth, then perfection! So happy.


Skipped writing for the time to read because noting what I’m reading on the tablet is a royal nightmare.


Too tired though I shouldn't be, so it's off to bed.

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