Paying the Bills

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So yesterday, I wrote articles to put bread on the table (actually car payment), but I squeezed in a couple ficlets here and there.

I've actually been super pleased this month that for the first time ever, I've been keeping to my unspoken but much cherished goal of producing equal or greater amounts of original fiction than fanfiction as a sort of permission to write fanfic. Technically, if I throw in the articles and the poetry, I'm still way ahead, but no, I want it to be original fiction. So today I'm going to finish an original piece, something to balance things again.

Also crossposting. Because.

Sunday, July 14, 2014

Original Fiction — 370 words completed

  1. A Civilized Meal, 370 words

Fanfiction — 960 words completed

  1. X-Men Movieverse: Charles' Stray, 322 words
  2. Dragonheart: Without Your Armor, 115 words
  3. MCU: Laid Bare, 333 words
  4. MCU: You Put the Pep in Pepper, 190 words

July 2014 Totals

  • Original Fiction: 3 short stories, 10 ficlets — 7732 words
  • Original Poetry: 2 poems — 354 words | 52 lines
  • Fanfiction: 42 ficlets — 8080 words
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