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So I started off by getting back to my betas for the Invisible Ficathon, then wrote 118 words of the mass market blog posts.

It was a type, delete day on the collaboration, then I diverted into fandom because...

I got a fandom gift for my very belated birthday (thank you, lithiumlaughter!) and it inspired 893 words of fanfic reply and a poem:

Written under, the wires crossed
The symphony begins to swell
One, two, three and red on my bones
Everything’s blood and all is well

Waltz with war and tango death
Fate is but the archer’s eye
The reverie begins to play
Everything’s blood; let arrows fly

I breathe your blood, I bleed my name
We’re lost within a sea of red
Your name is written in my bones
Everything’s blood where angels fled

Fired until we cannot break
Mark the clock for time will tell
The music clicks beneath the gun
Everything’s blood and all is well

Word Counts:

  • Fiction: 893 words
  • Poetry: 16 lines | 97 words
  • Blog: 118 words

March Totals

  • Fiction: 263 words
  • Poetry: 28 lines | 160 words
  • Blog: 269 words

Pieces Started Not Finished (2014)

  • Fiction: Hear the Stars, novella.
  • Nonfiction/Blog: Indie Author Guide to Genre, book/blog series.
  • Fanfic: Invisible Ficathon Treat.
  • Poem: Untitled - You gave me a name...
  • Poem: Untitled - The way riverbeds miss the water...
  • Fanfic: Invisible Ficathon Assignment.

March Completed Pieces

  • Poem: "Open Hands," 12 lines | 63 words.
  • Fanfic: “God Help the World,” 205 words.
  • Poem: "Everything's Blood and All is Well," 16 lines | 97 words.
  • Fanfic: “Perfection,” 688 words.
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