Writing Only, October 16

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So it's time to start writing again. Going with the random prompt technique, as it seems to wrok so well for me. This time, we're going to write about the work Red Wolf does. It didn't take as long as I thought to pull out "Rearranging Assets," though it was far too clinical a piece for my tastes. :shrugs: I'll have to do better at storyizing the rest of them on this topic. For now, I skipped to a different prompt: the hug for Anna from her husband about her parents. That piece went well and quickly.

Then, I moved to the idea of Shift stopping by Justus' workplace. Behold, the sprawl! Nevertheless, in my first session before break was up, I got 875 words in one and a half scenes and I'm watching the team come together, which is exactly what I needed to see.

Coming back to this on my next break, let's see what we can do. :skimming work already done: Gets a handful of words done before break over.

Evening time now. Couldn't get settled down to work again, so calling it for the night at 938 words.


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365 Challenge

  • 224/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: Rearranging Assets – 387 words
  • 225/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: Would That It Were – 402 words
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