Percolate, Sketch, Write?

So Sunday, I percolated. Yesterday, I sketched. For whatever reason, I don't do much scribbling to music without lyrics, but I put my current favorite CD on shuffle and sketched out in scribbles the opening of Ilsa Killinger and Pieter into the world of Kingdoms and Thorn.

Which is to say, I scribbled down some dialogue, thoughts, and key actions of the first few scenes of how they begin to interact with this world. Ilsa is starting the Special Unit with a cameo by her husband and by Dreamer—one operative I wasn't expecting to have to deal with so frequently. Pieter was on assignment in his old college city, Bellyn, when suddenly he finds he's in the middle of another country as the Thorn Rebellion occurs around him. Learned something new: he's been in one of these before. So much more makes sense to me.

I'd share a scribble, but trust me, sketches aren't particularly readable to anyone but me.

Hopefully today, we'll finally move to writing.

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