On the Writing Front, November 1–2

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So I got an 84 word start on the November novel, due to a gift scene popping into my head as I got under the covers. Problem: I was in bed. Solution: I memorized the dialogue and wrote it this morning.

Then I dove into the collaboration fic and got 1075 new words by cycling back through the section that needed it and adding two new scenes on the end because lo and behold, they were in my head last night as well.

It's back to the November novel. (I like that better than Nano. :shrugs: ) I've got snippets and snatches I've been collecting. I guess I better go dig them up and add them.

Stopped to add another 299 to the collaboration. Done with that for the day. Back to Novembering it.

Got all my old stuff in there that I think belongs in this story: 3143 words. Now, let's go from there. Ended at 3263.

Saturday night, I managed a snippet. Heading into a work-intensive Sunday, can't promise instant scribbles, but the ideas are there. Too bad the collab can't be my nano. I don't think... Must check the rules.


  • November Novel: 1267 words
  • All Fiction & Poetry: 1,387 words
  • Blog: 430 words
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