A Bit About the Scribbling...

I've been getting some serious jabs of conscience for stories not finished, particularly as trovia's birthday whizzed by without an appearance of a completed version of "Summercome," her promised sports story, and then the three prompted stories I'm working on: a five times fic for in_the_blue, the rest of one for thecatisacritic, and "Everything is Blood" for lithiumlaughter. To say nothing of "Safe," which I still haven't gotten back to for whipsy.

In the middle of all this, I'm starting to get people bugging me for more "Son o' de Guild." Normally, I'd be okay with this, but I have a problem when people review a separate ficlet with just "Please update Son o' de Guild" and when they tell me they thought I wasn't going to finish it after I told them last chapter I would, and they all think I owe them the next chapter because I said they definitely wouldn't get another one for at least another two weeks, but that I'd be working on the story more now.

I am working on it. I'm not trying to update by a particular time because I'm currently trying to write the next chapter in some natural way without starring Jean Grey. Again. This is a story about Remy, and I've got a very important main character who is not the main character who's outgrown the bounds I want her in. It's tough, okay?

And then I go wandering through my beta emails and discover the information on the Roswell/X-Men Movieverse crossover I never got off the ground, and I wonder again how I'm ever going to get all the stories in my head out of it.

Ah, well.

How's your scribbling?

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