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Introducing a Crazy Idea

So the idea of a piece of serial fiction has been bouncing around in this head for a while now, but I was always convinced I lacked the strength to discipline myself and convinced I lacked the commitment and the ability to write linear without going back to edit, and then, this quote rammed me upside the head and a good look at my profile full of serial fanfiction clinched the deal.

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Sunday Writing Stats

We spent the last so long adapting some of my fanfiction to original fiction, in addition to wrapping up some stories I had previously begun and doing a ficlet writing session to music. Adaptations:

  • Goddess of Computers
  • Dorm Daddy Driver's Ed
  • Square Root
  • Tech Support
  • At Your Altar

This last week, I wrote 6900+ words. My goal was 5000+. My retained words didn't beat the 5000+ goal, but there's always next week.

So, not that I expect a lot of people over here at this point, but I have consolidated my worldbuilding locale at Wikia. For my own sanity, I need a central location to dump story notes. It'll take a while to get all the ones I already have on there, but it's worth the effort.

"A Dream of Spring" sold to Every Day Poets. Will link when it goes online.

Got quite a few things up since the last time we talked, so here goes.

"Baker of Souls," about a woman who is defeated by her own failure; "A Pretty Word," an exploration of the operation of the uncommon Writers among the powerful of Breath; and "The Rule of Prayer," a short that had been hiding in the bottom of my inbox for forever. See Bibliography



Also published some under my other name, but that gets tracked elsewhere.

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New and Anticipated Fiction

Just a Whim
Just a Whim

So, I have some very dear friends that are getting their stories out into the world, starting with Jocelyn Aitkin. I read Just a Whim for her in beta and I can hardly wait to see how it all turned out when she finalized it. I'll post a review here and on B&N when I'm done. (She also did the artwork herself. I'm trying not to be envious!)

Summerlight: a novel of Vardin is now one installment complete. Thanks to G. Jackson, my wonderful, wonderful beta.

Speaking of which, she is writing an absolutely amazing story that I get to read for her. It's not done yet, but already I'm waiting anxiously for when I can buy it.

Also, check out the new short story, a bit of flash fiction of one of the hunter daughters of Vardin, "Portrait of a Butterfly." Hope you like!


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