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Reading and Writing, October 12

This entry is part 11 of 103 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

So I signed up for Nanowrimo, and ONLY because there's a 50% off Scrivener attached to winning. Am I pathetic or just greedy for Scrivener?

Ahem. Anyway...

So got Scrivener all set up on my machine, replied to a couple comments, noted I really ought to peek at the hundreds of spam notifications in my email, but decided not to. Thought I'd write more off the computer, but percolated instead. While I did get something written, it was short enough to lump it in with when I actually finished the piece.

Calling it a night.


  • Total Fiction: 0 words - Month to Date: 13,881 words
  • Total Blog: 95 words - Month to Date: 5,590 words


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Reading and Writing, October 13

This entry is part 12 of 103 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

Started off the day on a nice foot: I finished crossposting the last 52 chapters of Whispers from to AO3. Because someone asked me to. Always the best kind of fanfic work.

As part of prep for NaNo, I want to get Kingdoms and Thorn into Scrivener. I forgot I had created my own continuity template, but right now, I am supremely pleased. All that work, already done. :grins:

I'm mixing up scribbling, reading, recording an audio project, and other busywork all together. Getting some decent stuff. Okay, I've got other stuff to do, so done for the night.

On the reading front, I got an early Yuletide gift—a Rachelle ficlet from in_the_blue. I officially consider this my second piece of fanfic ever and it is awesome.


  • Total Fiction: 1561 words - Month to Date: 15,442 words
  • Total Blog: 100 words - Month to Date: 5,690 words

365 Challenge

  • 210/365 - Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: That'll Work – 177 words
  • 211/365 - Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: We Can't Have That – 208 words
  • 212/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: Gratitude in an Off Note – 197 words
  • 213/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: Reality Check – 303 words
  • 214/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: Anywhere But Here – 349 words
  • 215/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: Wedding Gift – 327 words
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Reading and Writing, October 14

This entry is part 13 of 103 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

Stage One: Assess

So today, I wrote a blog post before getting to other writing. A lot of stuff about fandom and original fiction has been hammering in my head lately and that gorgeous piece of early Yuletide goodness put me over. Of course, now I owe a Laurie fic back and that's mulling in the percolator. In the meantime, there's what to write for Nano to consider and how many ficlets I can plow through today running on a late start, to say nothing of the three I haven't read yet from thecatisacritic.


Got a rejection letter late in the day. It was a good rejection letter and very helpful. I do have a strong tendency to write vignettes, and I'm not entirely sure I'll ever be cured of that, though curiously, this fic isn't actually a vignette. Nevertheless, the comments gave me some great ideas on where to go when I'm ready to flesh out Alliance more, as my first angles were fizzling badly (I'm apparently not that into school fic, I just thought I was), and it also made me realize something: I have come to expect rejection. I never actually want to see the response to a submission. That's a very odd thought.

Stage Two: Work

I tried to make some progress on "Everything is Blood" and I did make some, but I wasn't impressed and it's still not coming together for me, so I decided to hit Kingdoms and Thorn again instead. And there goes 184 190 198 words on Lovemark the Seasons. I was actually thinking ficlets, o muse o' mine. Please?

Oh, bother it. Sorry, thecatisacritic. I'm going to bury myself in Lovemark.

Stage Three: Count

  • Fiction: 1,187 words - Month to Date: 16,629 words
  • Blog: 822 words - Month to Date: 6,512 words

365 Challenge

Speaking of the challenge, what day am I on and how's the overall progress going? I'm on day 287/365 and written piece 215/365.

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Reading and Writing, October 15

This entry is part 14 of 103 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

I am highly tempted to do Lovemark the Seasons for NanoWrimo, but I'm still not sure. Anyway... To writing.

I should say, I've been trying to get my brain pointed toward writing and nothing's happening. Let's switch to the random technique. I was asked for hugs for Rett and Meld. Those ficlets went well. Now, what? Lightsculpt needs to meet his parents. Okaaay. Who are they anyhow? So that worked. And the next random prompt—not without you—fed right into it.

Since I was on a roll, I went ahead and read and commented on my to-read ficlets. So it ought to be back to writing. Since the random prompt technique is working, let's go with what ain't broke.

So I burned through a bunch of ficlets this evening. Let's call it a night.


  • Fiction: 2674 words - Month to Date: 19,303 words
  • Blog: 218 words - Month to Date: 6,730 words

365 Challenge

On this day 288/365, I'm on written piece 223/365.

  • 216/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: Tell Me in the Morning – 616 words
  • 217/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: Soon – 293 words
  • 218/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: Worth Something – 428 words
  • 219/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: Working Up the Nerve – 160 words
  • 220/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: Something Other Than Smoke – 314 words
  • 221/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: The Leash – 310 words
  • 222/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: Moral Support – 331 words
  • 223/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: In the Business – 222 words
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Writing Only, October 16

This entry is part 15 of 103 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

So it's time to start writing again. Going with the random prompt technique, as it seems to wrok so well for me. This time, we're going to write about the work Red Wolf does. It didn't take as long as I thought to pull out "Rearranging Assets," though it was far too clinical a piece for my tastes. :shrugs: I'll have to do better at storyizing the rest of them on this topic. For now, I skipped to a different prompt: the hug for Anna from her husband about her parents. That piece went well and quickly.

Then, I moved to the idea of Shift stopping by Justus' workplace. Behold, the sprawl! Nevertheless, in my first session before break was up, I got 875 words in one and a half scenes and I'm watching the team come together, which is exactly what I needed to see.

Coming back to this on my next break, let's see what we can do. :skimming work already done: Gets a handful of words done before break over.

Evening time now. Couldn't get settled down to work again, so calling it for the night at 938 words.


  • Fiction: 1727 words - Month to Date: 21,030 words
  • Blog: 220 words - Month to Date: 6,950 words

365 Challenge

  • 224/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: Rearranging Assets – 387 words
  • 225/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: Would That It Were – 402 words
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Reading, Writing, and Upcoming Schedule – October 17

This entry is part 16 of 103 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

FRIENDLY REMINDER: If your comment vanishes into the spam moderation ether, please email me at info at lianamir dot com so I can fish it back out.

Reading & Proofreading

I had a proofreading job come in, which will cut hard into scribbling time, but add to weather the bank advance cut-off transition, so it's a worthy switch.

I'm also going to put off reading any fiction by anyone else until after I've scribbled each day. This is an experiment. It will take nerves of steel (which I'm not entirely sure I have). More on that tomorrow.

Writing & Fanfic

So I didn't get anywhere with Laurie today. Couldn't find her mental space and realized I needed to dive into canon to do that. Canon's not at work and my lunch break didn't go to writing per usual, so yeah. Moving it down on the to-do list. I consider this a Yuletide piece.

Speaking of which, Yuletide itself is looking amazing. I signed up as a pinch-hitter and browsed through a bunch of letters. I may do the book exchange and I'm definitely going to be writing treats. In the middle of this, I promise to lithiumlaughter that I will indeed get around to hammering my head hard enough on "Everything is Blood" to finish it.

I did start off this morning with a ficlet that could go as a continuation of an interesting crossover fanfic AU (thanks, thecatisacritic) or fit within the regular Kingdoms and Thorn universe. So there's that. I do think it needs more, a continuation and exploration. Don't I have enough ficlets needing that though!

I decided to start posting more on the blog again, which is silly since I'm trying to scribble more fiction, but alas! I tend to be happiest when creatively overextended. Since I've already started doing it, I might as well just admit it.

For NanoWrimo, I still haven't the foggiest idea which book I'll write, though I'm leaning toward something with momentum, which would mean Kingdoms and Thorn or Seven Days. I love Vardin, but I'm not sure I could build up the steam in time for November. And everyone loves Seven Days. Thanks again, lithiumlaughter, for you wonderful comments. I need to get answers to your questions back, come to think of it.

Back on the evening scribbling grind, and this Kingdoms and Thorn piece is coming together again. Not sure what did the trick, but I'm liking the interactions between Justus, Cole, and Larique. I'm also realizing this thing's going to turn into a "Dowse and Bleed" size fic before it's done. Ah, well. At least I'm getting somewhere, 367 words of somewhere wraps the scene. I've a feeling it won't be done today, thecatisacritic, but you prompted it and it's coming. Now I've just got to remember to work in Justus going undercover and noticing a threat no one else does.

I'd be able to write more too, but I have a question it's going to take some percolating to answer. What in the world does that report say? Sometimes readers think we're hiding information for suspense when really, we don't actually know the information yet. Ah, well. Off to percolate. Good night!


  • Fiction: 841 words - Month to Date: 21,871 words
  • Blog: 630 words - Month to Date: 7,580 words

365 Challenge

We're at day 290/365 and written piece 226/365.

Most of these pieces haven't been linked on the challenge page because they're commentfic and I'm editing the mess out of them for publishing. I really do need to get a Kingdoms and Thorn collection pulled together. But first, I want to see in_the_blue's suggestions for expanding "Dowse and Bleed." Seriously. It would be my first novella (not counting MG novel, similar word count) ever.

  • 226/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: Price of Reconciliation – 474 words
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Reading and Writing, October 18

This entry is part 17 of 103 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

So I did an incredibly poor job of reading nada before writing. Alas! I'm beginning to feel a little fraudulent, but I wonder if I'm just tired. I'm on a cleanse and the weather's changing and I'm working on another longer piece that's plot-driven, a sure recipe for forcing myself to slow down. It's intensely not my strong point. Plot-driven, that is.

But I did get something written today. A crossovery bit of fanfic. There goes 415 words.

Thinking out loud here: I think the problem is that while I got off to a good foot on this Justus story, it was unintentional and I'm having a hard time working it with canon and I hadn't the clue where I was starting, let alone where I was headed. I think I'm going to scrap and redraft. This is a very scary thought.

I could always stop, drop, and write about kittens. I've got two clans, the grammatical and the errata. And then there's Popcorn. It gets messy.


  • Fiction: 415 words - Month to Date: 22,286 words
  • Blog: 193 words - Month to Date: 7,773 words

365 Challenge

  • 227/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn/Fracture & Recall Crossover: It's a Start Anyway – 415 words
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Reading and Writing, October 19

This entry is part 18 of 103 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

So yesterday's post got left at work by accident. Will post it Monday and update the weekend posts to reflect accurate numbers. In the meantime, not doing good not reading before writing.

Yuletide assignments went out and all the pinch hits went during Sabbath. Nice. :shrugs: Oh, well.

And it's back to the crossover. And you know what? That's good enough for tonight. It's late. I'm tired and cranky, and boy, do I have a jam-packed day tomorrow. I've got a board meeting and shopping and board research and yuletide and Denny/Laurie reading and rugs to wash and a kitchen to take care of. Ah well.


  • Fiction: 513 words - Month to Date: 22,799 words
  • Blog: 122 words - Month to Date: 7,895 words

365 Challenge

  • 228/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn/Fracture & Recall Crossover: The Right Question – 513 words
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Reading and Writing, October 20

This entry is part 19 of 103 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

So Scrivener has multiple uses, including analysis. I wanted to do an analysis of "Dowse and Bleed" and promptly discovered that I had three scenes of around 3000 words each, give or take a few hundred. This was shocking to say the least. Normally, I don't manage that kind of word count for a single scene.

So I did a lot more reading than writing and some editing. It's like I couldn't get my brain to kick in until after dark. (This might have been due to three meetings, taking minutes, doing board research, and shopping and chores, but hey, a girl's not supposed to make excuses, right?)

I love to write directly to prompts, but not sure that I'm going to do this one for the exchange. En brief, their questions were already answered by the creator. It's hard to write fic to answer them again.


  • Fiction: 340 words - Month to Date: 23,139 words
  • Blog: 163 words - Month to Date: 8,058 words

365 Challenge

  • 229/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn/Fracture & Recall Crossover: The Only Mercy – 274 words
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Winter Tidings of the Scribbler, October 21

This entry is part 20 of 103 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

Dear muse,

Please get with it. November is coming and my dance card is now full.


the scribbler

Feels like winter is here at last, and it's time to get this mind gearing up for November beyond percolating possibilities. Time more to get some serious writing back into gear, especially seeing as I've got plenty besides to do this season.

So checking out the exchange front, I'm thinking through this [unnamed] prompt again and can't even hit it sideways. I already wrote that story, so hm. I guess it's just winging it on the fandom. :grumbles under breath: I had hoped for something to go on. Oh, well. Let's just see what we can come up with.

Well, I was going to fic that, but instead I fanficced my own and thecatisacritic's world again. Seriously, is it okay to post fanfic of this kind of stuff on AO3? I know the original creator and we're working together, but it's seriously AU fanfic.

Back to exchange... Didn't get anywhere on that. Then I spent some serious time hunting up fics to collaborate on, got back wonderful comments on "Dowse and Bleed" which may take it to novella-length, and typed up board meeting minutes. Also, got a 418 word start on a poem. Don't like it all yet, but it's a start.

Beta'd a piece. Hit a few more pages on my proofread. I'll try and pull something together after computer hours, but no promises.


  • Fiction: 2291 words - Month to Date: 25,330 words
  • Blog: 279 words - Month to Date: 8,337 words

365 Challenge

  • 230–231/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn/Fracture and Recall Crossover: And So It Goes… – 1873 words


  • Kingdoms and Thorn poem: The World Backed Down – 418 words
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