Kingdoms and Thorn Characters

Former Team Operatives

Alya Shamayes, Teller | Molecular Sensitive — Team Fourteen. Preferred Names: Teller, Taker. Also Called: Alya, Breaker, Blooded, Thief, Remaker. Residence: Kishet.

Anna Kirsch, Sketch | Molecular Shifter — Team Five. Preferred Names: Anna, Sketch. Also Called: Pencil, Portrait, Breathe. Occupation: Photographer. Residence: Ariat Springs.

Ashen | Biotransferrant — Team Eight. Preferred Names: Ashen, Haven. Also Called: Teacher, Reader, Breathless, Dancer, Reaper, Wings Of Death. Occupation: Piano Teacher. Residence: Elifs Quarter, Bellyn.

Brittany Rachelle Winslow, The Database | Genetic Processor — Team Thirty-Four. Preferred Name: Rachelle. Also Called: The Database, Cypher, Britt, Battery Acid, Guardian. Occupations: Computer Analyst, Tracer, Special Unit Consultant. Residence: Kishet.

Catherine Elena April, Thought | Telepath — Team Seven. Preferred Names: Cate, Thought. Occupation: Special Unit Operative. Residence: Kishet.

Everett Kiernan Murray, Storm | Regenerative Electrical Energist — Team Eight. Preferred Names: Rett, Storm. Also Called: Brother, Shelter, Shield, Kiernan, Strike. Residence: Edyll.

Jennifer Haller, Shift | Shifter — Team Thirty-Four. Preferred Name: Shift. Also Called: Jennifer, Dancer, Flow, Singer, Knife, Reflex, Jessica, Peaches. Occupations: Barista/Waittress, Villain. Residence: Bellyn.

Justus Ellison, Defender | Regular — Team Thirty-Four. Preferred Name: Justus. Also Called: Defender, Ellison, Keen, Cover. Occupation: Law Enforcement Officer. Residence: Riving.

Red Wolf | Energy Sensitive — Team Eight. Preferred Names: Red Wolf, Alpha. Also Called: Red, Wolf, Alpha Wolf, Seer, Namer, Quench. Birth Name: Ben Taylor. Residence: Bellyn.

Ricalia Ann Sanford, Keeper | Biogenerative — Team Five. Preferred Name: Ricki. Also Called: Ricalia, Keeper, Melody, Heal, Gleam. Residence: Thorn Republic.

Royce April Jacobi, Vision | Reality Sensitive — Team Fourteen. Preferred Name: Vision, Jacov. Also Called: Roy, Royce, Seer, Command, The Patriot, Rebel, Strategem. Residences: Halliver; Thorn Republic.

Sierra Lewis, Whisper | Aggressive Pressure Sensitive — Team Eight. Preferred Names: Whisper, Sierra. Also Called: Shatter, Red Fox, Mirror, Glass, Silence, Lewis. Residence: Bellyn.

Spirare | Oxygen Elemental — Team Eighteen. Occupation: Handygirl. Residence: Downtown District, Bellyn.

Non-Operative Specials

Alaine Shaever | BiotransferrantOccupations: Student-Class Emergency Medic, Bookstore Assistant. Residence: Kishet.

Elisabeth Haller, Flux | Dimensional Shifter Preferred Names: Lise, Elisabeth. Also Called: Flux, Flex. Residence: Bellyn.

Ilsa Killinger | Situational EmpathPreferred Name: Ilsa. Also Called: Killinger. Occupation: Special Unit Lead. Residence: Kishet.

Jarod Walters | CyberpathOccupation: Special Unit Tech. Residence: Kishet.

Logan Galloway | ShieldOccupations: Professor, Educator, Patron, Philanthropist, Political Activist. Residences: Edyll; Glaston.

Mira Shaever | Touch ReaderOccupations: Lawyer, Special Unit Consultant. Residence: Trenton Heights, Kishet.

Significant Regular Humans

Alexander Manning | RegularPreferred Names: Alex, Refuge. Also Called: Manning. Occupation: Detective. Residence: Kishet.

Andre Morelle | RegularOccupation: Special Operations Sectional Lead. Residence: Thorn Republic.

Daniel Weller | Shifter Occupation: Informant. Residence: Core, Kishet.

Devon Marden | RegularOccupation: Emergency Medic. Residence: Core, Kishet.

Marc Jameson Rede | RegularPreferred Name: Marc. Also Called: Rede. Occupation: Special Unit Operative. Residence: Kishet.

Pieter James Andrews | RegularOccupation: Journalist. Residences: Bellyn; Thorn Republic.

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