Edge of Salvation, Edge of Fear

Prompt: books by in_the_blue. 100 Word Stories

This is a continuity born out of a bunch of other stories and prompts and ideas, with a huge push from my beta, but alas! This 365 challenge ficlet is finished first.

Liana Mir

Liana Mir reads, writes, and wrangles the muses from her mundane home in the Colorado Rockies and, occasionally, from the other side of the Barrier.

Series Listing

02. Second Era - Fae 19

Beneath the Icewood Trees

02. Second Era - Fae 45

A Tale of Fae

02. Second Era - Fae 73

Into the Temple of the Sun

03. Third Era

Forest Fruit

05. Fifth Era

Edge of Salvation, Edge of Fear

Edge of Salvation, Edge of Fear

What if every thought could write reality?

Markus was afraid to open the books, even if by doing so he could save them.

05. Fifth Era
Faeology Science Fiction Fantasy
Flash Fiction Short Story

Markus’ hands hesitated on the books. “I can’t,” he whispered; dawning horror. “I can’t open them.”

Flickering candlelight made Shellayne’s scowl even darker. “It’s not magic,” she said pointedly.

Not magic that an opened book could write reality, that every thought in his head would translate into future history.

“I can’t do it.” He held the books tightly shut. “We could destroy everything.”

“Like incoming armies won’t do that,” Shellayne retorted. “We’re all that’s left.”

“And I’m afraid,” Markus admitted.

Shellayne stared at him, mouth opening then closing. Fear of death would write their deaths for sure. “Don’t open them.”


Faeology Science Fiction Fantasy

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