Pearl Wise

Pearl Wise writes soft Christian fantasy set in other worlds where power has a price—the sacrifice of all that is darkness.


It only takes a tiny gesture to give a man hope.

Miscellaneous Fiction
Flash Fiction Short Story

We never talk, he wanted to whisper to this woman, his spouse, this stranger lying on the bed beside him. We never talk. It was too hard to find the strength.

He could not bridge the silence. He could not…

Suddenly, he felt her hand on his shoulder.

He covered it with his.


Miscellaneous Fiction

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2 Responses to Bridge

  1. Rabia says:


    (I feel like I've seen this before, though...?)

    • Liana Mir says:

      On my hidden little page-in-progress, Fictive. You and Percy are it. I scheduled this post at the same time I was working on that one.

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